What is an iPad used for? What is an iPad?

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What is an iPad?

iPad is a touch screen tablet made by Apple Inc. iPad is actually a small light weight replacement of notebooks and laptops without a keyboard, but with virtual touch screen keyboard and with easiness of touch screen operation. It is suitable for people who want to carry the light weight device with all function of laptop/PC. Read More

Sharp Quattron TV Reviews, Aquos Quattron Sharp TV

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Sharp is a big name and major brand in TV making industry. Quattron is the brand name of LCD color display technology of Sharp Company where they have utilized yellow fourth colour subpixel RGBY (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) instead of standard RGB color subpixel (Red, Green and Glue) used in regular HD Led TVs. Read More

3D TV is Officially Dead

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Yes you heard it right!!! 3D TV is now officially dead as it is rejected by the market. At the time of launching, after the movie “Avatar” was a big hit, it was quite famous that people got too excited in the new technology in electronic industry and their promotional highlights i.e viewing everything in 3D technology sitting in home through 3D TV and wearing a glass. But later this same thing became the major factor in failure of this technology. Almost all brands of 3D TV manufacturer like TCL, Sharp, Vizio, Sony, LG etc. have now already stopped manufacturing TVs in this technology. Now the industry is adopting new technologies like Smart TV, OLED TV, HDR, UHD/4K, UHD/8K having more consumer demands. Read More

What is S2S? S2S meaning. What does S2S mean?

Define S2S. What does S2S stand for? What is S2S?

If you are looking for a meaning of S2S, an acronym of S2S, a definition S2S, an abbreviation of S2S to find out what S2S means, then you are in the right place because here we are going to provide you the S2S slang meaning, the S2S definition, the S2S acronym, the S2S abbreviation. We are also going to discuss how this slang word S2S is used in the conversations. Read More