What is Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism Definition

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Medical tourism is also termed as health tourism which is concerned with the travel related with health care services in which people travel across international borders for their medical treatment. This tourism is mainly traveling to such countries which are known for particular health treatment or for lower cost treatment or even for advanced and better health treatment junction. Read More

What is Travel Visa?

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Travel Visa is a permission or an authorization granted by immigration official of foreign country ie. Embassy, diplomatic mission or consulate etc. that allows the passport holder to visit their country, stay in there for certain time and leave that country, on certain terms and conditions. This visa allows entering to their country and staying there for prescribed time interval within specified constraints. This kind of visa is issued for business visit, transitory or tourism purposes etc. Visa is a sticker or a stamp that endorsed in the passport or travel document of the holder. It can be in the form of passport or a separate document or an electronic record of the authorization which are stored in computer and linked up with the passport number. Certain backgrounds like the reason for the traveling, record of previous visits, number of countries visited, financial security etc. are counted while granting this kind of visa. Read More

What is Air Travel Insurance?

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Insurance is like securing our life in terms of money. Whether it be life or non life, our intention is to cover the risk, monetize the value of our life or non life and make them secure through the entities like insurance agents or companies. Insurance policy is a contract which is prepared by insurer where every detail of risk coverage is thoroughly written, every terms and conditions are mentioned in it that the insured (the person who takes insurance coverage) will be compensated if he or she experiences a loss that is covered by the insurance policy. For this the insured need to pay certain amount of money which is called premium to get any insurance coverage. So securing ourselves from uncertain financial loss through the entities who provide insurance services whom we said insurer is insurance. Read More

Are Green Apples Healthy? Green Apples Health Benefits

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Green apples are packed with lots of nutrition factors like proteins, minerals, fibre and vitamins which have multiple health benefits. They contain Calcium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Fibres, Vitamins (A, B-6, C, E 1), Niacin, Thiamin, Pantothenic, Tartaric and Maleic acids, riboflavin, healthy sugars, proteins which makes them one of the healthiest fruits of all time. Green apples are basically used for cooking purpose and have sour and sweet taste. But it can be consumed in both way raw and cooked. Read More

What is Siri? What is the use of Siri?

What is Siri? What is an iPhone Siri? How does Siri work?

Siri is a voice recognizing operating system of Apple Inc, a renowned electronic device manufacturing and software developing company. Siri is an artificial intelligent personal assistant with advanced machine learning technologies which operates in iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems. Siri basically assist the users with voice communication. Siri can be used in different electronic devices of Apple Inc. i.e. Mac alongside macOS Sierra, Apple TV along with  Siri Remote, iPhone’s latest models, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, HomePod. Siri has the female voice command, so many refer Siri as a “she”. Read More

How to be Happy Person

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Today we are living such a busy life that we even cannot manage to give some time to think about our happiness in life. We are most of the time in such a rush that our mind is always working and when mind cannot get rest and peace, the feeling of happiness is rarely generated. Most of the people have forgotten to live their lives with self happiness and in some cases even forgotten what can make them feel better or how to be happy with what. Read More

What is Space Tourism? Space Tourism Facts

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Space travel is entering to space for the exploration and discovery of outer space (which starts 100 kilometers above the Earth’s crust, at a point called Karman Line with the infinity) of the earth by astronauts using both unmanned spacecrafts and human spaceflights with the help of space technologies. Or space travel is the exploration of three dimensional objects. Yuri Gagarin is the first human kind to attend the space flight in the year 1961. Read More