What is CyberWage.com? Is CyberWage a Scam or a Legit?

What is Cyber Wage? Cyber Wage review.

Cyber Wage is a company which is basically paying to view ads which offer to pay their members for viewing the commercial ads on their website or doing some task on their website. They offer a free signup to the website. They also claim that the members can earn money from CyberWage by working on their mobile phone through their mobile app for Android and IOS both which they can download for free.

What CyberWage.com offers to pay?

CyberWage.com offers to pay $ 0.20 for viewing each ad unit. And it claims to provide 3 ads per day for free members and more than that to the upgraded members. They claim that the members can earn between $150 to $1200 per week just by working 15-30 minutes a day on their website. They also guarantee to pay daily and weekly payments. Their cash out limit is $ 40, which is too much high for any PTC site. So their claim of paying daily or weekly just seems unrealistic which is made only to entice people to their website.

Click this link to login and join in CyberWage:- https:// cyberwage. com (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

CyberWage.com review. Is CyberWage legit or scam? Cyber Wage reviews.

Why is CyberWage.com a scam site?

First of all, this company is opened without providing the details of their owner or the operator and their company’s address neither in their official website nor in the WHOIS details. And in online business, none of the legit company hides their owner’s identity and company’s address. If any company does so, then it is apparent that the owner of the company has some scamming background or has some affiliation with other scam sites. Or they are hiding the owner’s identity just because they are intended to scam the people with this website.

Secondly, the business model of this company is not new in the market and we have seen almost all companies with this business modality has failed to sustain in the market for long and declared as scam sites just within a year. We know some of the similar kinds of sites that pay their members on selective basis just to show that they are paying but most of them don’t pay. So both ways the members have to suffer their cheating tactic. After all, how this company can pay so much money just for viewing ads? Are there any advertisers who are willing to pay more than $0.20 to Cyber Wage for each view on their ads? If so, how can those advertisers make a profit to their business spending so much money in just the sites like CybperWage? And even many reputed affiliate programs and online businesses are actually not allowed to advertise in these kinds of sites.

Thirdly, they don’t have any real products to sell and make money and they also don’t have any real source of income to generate enough profit to distribute to their members. So just by routing the members’ money, this company cannot pay anyone and when they don’t pay, they cannot live in the competitive online business market for the long period. Another factor is that when these kinds of companies do not get enough advertisers, they have to depend on their affiliates’ money which they earn from the account upgradation. But if they fail to get enough affiliates on their website who are willing to upgrade their account, then these kinds of companies just cannot sustain and shut down very shortly.

Besides, they have put their minimum cash-out limit on the very higher side just because to retain the people in their website for a long time so that they can make money from them during that period. Otherwise, why any site need to keep their cash-out limit so high according to the earnings that can be made from the site? To reach that limit, the affiliates need to work for 67 days, viewing 3 ads per day to earn $0.60 per day and $ 40 in 67 days. None of the legit companies do this to their affiliates.

What do you think? Will they pay their members even after reaching the minimum cash-out limit? They may pay to few affiliates, but not to all. Actually, they have already scammed the members by wiping out their earnings from their balances. They told the members they did that due to the hacking problem. But, that reason is definitely not justified. None of the legit sites will wipe the earnings of the members due to the hacking incident because every legit site will have the backup copy of their site from where they can take out every data instantly. If some online company doesn’t care to back up their own website, then that company is definitely not serious about anything. So, this proves that the CyberWage is not a good company and they will only pay to few members and once again will give some reason for wiping out the earnings of the members. This way they will just engage the affiliates on their website and make money from them in all way they can. They earn commission from the affiliates when they complete the tasks of the third parties. They earn money from the affiliates’ account upgradation. They earn money by showing the ads to the affiliates. They may also sell the personal information of the affiliates like their payment processor account details, email address, credit card details etc. to the third parties and make money for themselves. Thus, their only aim is to take out the money from you in every manner but not to pay you genuinely. And when their ambition is fulfilled, they will shut down the business and run away with collectively huge money.

Our Final Verdict:

From all the above-mentioned factors which we have explained in details, Cyber Wage doesn’t seem to be a sustainable company on which you can rely on for your online earnings. So, we don’t recommend you to invest money in this company either to upgrade your account or to advertise your referral link to get the referrals because the chances of your losses are highest or almost sure. It is worthless to work with CyberWage because chances to cash-out your earnings from this company is almost zero percent.

So, now you are clear about what is CyberWage through our CyberWage review as above. However, if you still have some more information to share, then you can provide your own “CyberWage reviews” or report something about CyberWage.com by using the comment section below.

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