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What is Space Music?
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Space Music, also known as SpaceMusic in most general term, is a relaxing and environmental music which gives relaxation, contemplation, peace and inspiration to the mind and body. It is a subgenre of new age music with the qualities of tranquil, hypnotic and moving which provides the feeling of deep thought with high concentration where one totally get lost in the music with total blankness in head due to deep listening of this music. Some listeners imagine like flying, hanging, cruising, gliding or floating etc. which is the subtle trance-like state which take your mind to another dimension.

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Space music creates a sense of psychological space in our mind. It is contemplative in nature which consists of easy listening with spatial sounds which is intended to create psychoactive sound experience. It includes variety of styles both in acoustic and electronic forms with the combination of waves of alien chord progressions and deep floating choir like synth tones.

Space music is very helpful to keep our body and mind healthy as it helps them to keep calm and restful. It helps in lowering the mood swings, control angriness, help to boost energy, help in sleep problems and increases concentration. Space music is highly used in natural therapy and meditation as it is considered to be very effective for body and mental therapies. It is also said that this music is an aid and tool for cultural, social and spiritual awareness.

Space Music is generally the composition of instruments like piano, violin, floods, and drums etc. with compilation of echoing rhythmic textures, electrical alterations and artificial reverberation. The combination of these factors makes space music more spatial and atmospheric ease. Mostly, the vocals are not incorporated but very distinctively used in some types.

The related genres of Space Music is Space Ambient Music, such as; Ambient Dub, Ambient House, Ambient Industrial, Ambient Pop and Dark Ambient.

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Some of the best space music albums are:

  1. The Pearl by Harold Budd/Brian Eno (released in 1984)
  2. Depths by Windy & Carl (released in 1998)
  3. Structures from Silence by Steve Roach(released in 1984)
  4. New Age Of Earth by Ashra (released in 1976)
  5. Endless Summer by Fennesz (released in 2001)
  6. And Their Refinement of the Decline by Stars of the Lid (released in 2007)
  7. Apollo by Brian Eno (released in 1983)
  8. Evening Star by Robert Fripp & Brian Eno (released in 1975)
  9. A Rainbow in Curved Air by Terry Riley (released in1969)
  10. Ambient 1: Music for Airports by Brian Eno (released in 1978)
  11. The Disintegration Loops I-IV by William Basinski (released in 2002)
  12. Harmony in Ultraviolet by Tim Hecker(released in 2006)
  13. The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid by Stars of the Lid(released in 2001)
  14. An Empty Bliss Beyond This World by The Caretaker (released in 2011)
  15. The Expanding Universe by Laurie Spiegel (released in 1980)

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