What is Siri? What is the use of Siri?

Siri is a voice recognizing operating system of Apple Inc, a renowned electronic device manufacturing and software developing company. Siri is an artificial intelligent personal assistant with advanced machine learning technologies which operates in iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems. Siri basically assist the users with voice communication. Siri can be used in different electronic devices of Apple Inc. i.e. Mac alongside macOS Sierra, Apple TV along with  Siri Remote, iPhone’s latest models, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, HomePod. Siri has the female voice command, so many refer Siri as a “she”.

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Languages that Siri can recognize:

English (UK, US, Canada, Australia)

French (France, Canada, Switzerland)

German (Germany, Switzerland)

Chinese (Both Cantonese and Mandarin China and Taiwan)

Italian (Italy and Switzerland)

Spanish (Spain, US and Mexico)



Pros of Siri, Purpose of Siri:

Siri provides solutions to the queries made by the person using this system. She supports huge number of commands and supports the user’s language with his/her information, a contextual knowledge. When the user asks about any issue, she replies to the questions with suggestions, finding the information for the user. She reacts to your actions and also proceeds the actions when asked. She perform the phone actions like text message actions through the commands like “read my new messages” or “send email to Jack” etc., helps in navigation through the commands like “how far is this place from here” or “what is the distance to reach there” etc., searching information through the commands like “What is the capital city of U.S” or “How can reach Niagara falls” etc., handle user’s device setting like “turn on Wifi” or “decrease the volume of ringtone” or “find this contact” etc., searching things in the internet through the commands like “find Messenger to chat” or “search this information in the internet” etc., help in your entertainment through the commands like “find this movie” or “find this song” etc. to schedule the events and meetings through the commands like “meeting on this date” or “schedule the meeting on this date” etc., acts as a reminder through the commands like “remind me the event on this date” or “remind me the date of my wife’s birthday” etc., engaging with iOS integrated apps and so on.

Cons of Siri:

Siri has some faults also and we consider the major one is not recognizing some English accents without any flexibility on her uses which in many evidences make user quit the use of it. And many times when she recognizes the voice, the replies she gives are ever more confusing and incorrect, sometimes not knowing the answers and recommending to web search results. She also lacks information of some places which are really supposed to be surprising. She requires rigid commands which the user may not deliver all the time. Siri is a cloud based service which acts by web services and this makes it even clumsier to use.

As today many other companies have introduced this concept with more advanced machine learning technologies with better performance like Google’s Assistant, Samsung’s S-voice, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Apple Inc. must update Siri with more information and make her uses ever better and user friendly in the days ahead to compete with these latest versions of voice controlled artificial personal assistants.



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