What is MesMoney.club? Is MesMoney a Scam or a Legit?

MesMoney.club is another sequence of scam company which is operated by the same group of scammers who operated or have been operating similar kind of other scam companies just to scam the people. Are you wondering how can we say that? Well just check their website details in depth and you will find out the reason. Read our MesMoney.club review as below to know all the facts.

Mes Money reviews

What is Mes Money and what makes MesMoney.club a scam company? MesMoney review.

If you check in their website or in WHOIS details, you will not find any details about the owner or the operator of this company which indicates that they are intentionally hiding their owner’s details as well as the website address. Now can you guess what the reason was? Well let us tell you the truth. In online business if the website is hiding their WHOIS details, then it is apparent that they are from the scammer group and scamming their affiliates with their money with the intention to collect huge money from them and after shut down the site without paying a single penny to anyone. Or the owner was previously linked with some scamming. No any legit company hides their actual details from the people because they are doing the legit business.

Another fact about this company is that they have not paid anything to anyone ever. All the payment proofs they show is just to entice the people specially newbies into their website. They offer easy money making to the newbies and lure them to work in this scam site. But they do not pay anything even the affiliates complete every task assigned to them. When the affiliates request for the payment after reaching the mentioned cash-out limit, they just escape from making the payment with lots of excuses and additional rules. Now think will any legit company do this? If so they will not be called legit then.

When you check the comment section or forum, you will find lots of people complaining about them and claim to be the scam company.

Let’s tell you another big bang fact, not only this site, but lots of other scam websites, more than a thousand, belong to this same scammer group. They open and run these websites with different domain name but with identical website business model, website theme, WHOIS details, website script, scamming pattern, offers, website address etc. So people do not identify the scam sites at first due to the different names but later when they realize the fact, it’s already too late because they have already invested money in the website and the scammer owner already run off from the ground.

Some of the sites which the same group of scammers owned are Safdengi.site, Romdengi.club, Faxdengi.club, Fendengi.club, Zendengi.club, Jamdengi.club, Vawdengi.site, Sabdengi.site, Nuwdengi.site, Surdengi.site, Bacdengi.site, Vesdengi.site, Kavdengi.club, Voddengi.club, Razdengi.club, Razdengi.site, Zewdengi.site, Vacdengi.site, PatMoney.club, MesMoney.club, Ahadengi.club, Petdengi.club, Docdengi.top, Wuxdengi.top, CuMoney.club, LiveMoney.host etc. You may not find many of the names in the internet as they were already shut down without paying anything to any of their affiliates. But they will not rest here, they will continue cheating people with other new series of scam websites.


Don’t you think the aforementioned facts are enough to confirm that MesMoney.club is a scam site opened to scam the people? So, have listed this company under our scam category and do not recommend you to join this site for your online money making.

So, now you are clear about what is MesMoney.club through our Mes Money review as above. However, if you still want to add or report something about MesMoney.club, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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