What is Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism Definition

Medical tourism is also termed as health tourism which is concerned with the travel related with health care services in which people travel across international borders for their medical treatment. This tourism is mainly traveling to such countries which are known for particular health treatment or for lower cost treatment or even for advanced and better health treatment junction.

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People basically choose medical tourism for better medical treatment than they are getting or may be due to unavailability of such treatment in their home country or territory. They prefer to travel abroad for better quality care with advanced technologies and accessibility of medically necessary procedures in cheaper cost. People of very developed countries also travel to developing countries to get the medical services in cheaper cost. Or, people prefer medical travel even upon their regular doctor’s prescription and recommendation or in some cases the certain medical treatments are considered to be illegal in some countries for which people have to visit other countries for getting such medical services. And medical tourism is basically concerned with surgeries and other severe or rare health condition treatments.

Nowadays, not only for health checkups and treatments but medical tourism is also getting famous for beautification and cosmetic related treatments, gender-related services, fertility-related services, dental related services, elective surgery, body weight/fat related services, rehabilitation services, transplantations of organs etc. As more people are getting concerned about their external appearance, the scope of medical tourism is hiking with improved technologies and standard services. So the medical tourism offers wide ranges of medical services, inside-out of your body parts. Nowadays, medical tourism is also getting very popular for eastern treatment methodology i.e. yoga and meditation, natural therapy and healing, acupressure etc.

Thus, people may have both the intentions, to get health services as well as to travel and tour the visiting country in order to utilize their high-cost travel expenses and their time in between their treatment period. Most of the medical services need a certain time, considerably little longer to treat and cure patients, so in such cases, medical tourism is the best option for them to utilize the spare time. Or maybe due to cheaper price abroad and affordability of international travel, medical tourism is getting famous worldwide.

Some of the very well known destinations for medical tourism worldwide are :

Asia/Middle East: China, Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey etc.

Africa: South Africa, Tunisia etc.

Americas: United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador etc.

Europe: Russia, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary etc.

Others: Australia, Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados etc.

Now, let’s talk about the negative implications of the medical tourism. In most cases, people travel via air to get the medical services in other countries. So the cost of this venture may be in very much higher side considering all factors and obviously not affordable to all. And even if it can be affordable, the complication is not less while traveling long distance soon after getting surgery or other severe treatments. Another issue is the poor quality of postoperative care service in some countries that may invite more sufferings and complications to the patient’s medical condition. Besides, if follows up cares will be needed time and again in future, then it may not be easily accessible and affordable to all to travel abroad. Or people may not get proper guidance and solutions if they are not satisfied with their health treatments and services. Though they will get the right platform to resolve their problems, their stay shall be elaborated adding a financial burden to them, which is again may not be feasible to all of them. Other implications can arise due to ethical issues, legal issues and medical malpractices of the visiting country of which people may not be aware of.

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