What is LiveMoney.host? Is Live Money Scam?

We have a straight answer to it, yes LiveMoney.host is entirely a scam company which is scamming their affiliate marketers to work in their website so that they can take out money from the affiliates and run with huge sum of money. If you want to know more about this company, then just go through our detail LiveMoney review as below.

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What is Live Money and why is LiveMoney a scam company?

It neither has provided their owner’s or operator’s details as well as their company’s real or registered address in their website nor can we find this information within the WHOIS details. So this company is opened by hiding their real identity. So the question arises here why they are hiding their information if they are a legit company? It’s because they are opened with the purpose of deceiving their affiliates and after collecting huge money from them, just close the website so that no one can reach to them or identify them. And they can again open such scam site to cheat people in same manner time and again. Or another reason for hiding the owner details can be their affiliation with some scam sites or scammers earlier and just covering their real identity. And in both cases, we cannot take the risk.

Not only that but this company has never paid anything to anyone till the date. All the payment claims they have made are also completely baseless. How can we believe their claims without any testimony? And we have also found the forum filled with lots of claims about them by large group of people. They claim that when they ask for their payment, this company either makes lots of excuses and gives reasons or add up some extra rules just to escape from the payment. All these aspects very clearly signify that this is absolutely a scam site.

It is just an example but there are more than one thousand other sites with same type of business pattern which are owned by the same group of scammers deceiving people in same manner. Only their names are different but everything else is similar i.e. their website theme and script, business model, same pattern of scamming their affiliates, same registration details, WHOIS details etc. Some of these sites are CuMoney.club,  Nuwdengi.site, Surdengi.site, Bacdengi.site, Vesdengi.site, LcMoney.club, DmMoney.club, AdvMoney.tech, Vacdengi.site, Vawdengi.site, Sabdengi.site, Nuwdengi.site, Surdengi.site, Bacdengi.site, HurMoney.club, FepMoney.club, PatMoney.club, MesMoney.club, Fendengi.club, Zendengi.club, Jamdengi.club, Kavdengi.club, Voddengi.club, Razdengi.club, Razdengi.site, Ahadengi.club, Petdengi.club, Docdengi.top, Safdengi.site, Wuxdengi.top, Faxdengi.club, Romdengi.club etc. Lots of these sites have been already shutdown even not paying a single penny to any of their affiliates.


The above facts are enough to say that LiveMoney.host is just another name of scam company run by the same group of scammer. So, we have categorized this company under our “Scams” category and do not recommend you to work in it.

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