What is FebMoney.Club? Is FebMoney a Scam or a Legit?

FepMoney.club is yet another similar type of scam company which is opened by the same scammer group with same approach of scamming people. Now let’s talk about their details through our FebMoney review here.

What is Feb Money and what makes FebMoney.club a scam company?

As it fails to provide their owner’s or operator’s details and company’s address in both the place, their own website and WHOIS details, so this site is definitely a scam site.

We have mentioned in our several other reviews that if the company is not willing to reveal their owner’s or operator’s details and company’s address, then they cannot be trusted for the online work. Because in online business, a legit and long term sustainable sites never do that. And why should they hide their details if they are working legally and paying their affiliates as per their offers and schemes?

Besides this, it also claims that they are paying money to their affiliates but we do not get any proof of that. They are just trying to create a whim among the people to entice them in their website. But without any evidence, no matter what, we do not believe in such false claims. If you visit the forum, you will find tons of complaints against this company about not paying any money to their affiliates even after reaching their cash-out limit. They rather ignore the request making unnecessary excuses and adding rules for the payment.

So this way this company is deceiving people with their money and when they gather comparatively huge money, they just shut down this site and vanish. And this series of scamming do not end here. They will come up with some other same kind of website just with different name to scam people. But the business model and way of scamming the people are almost similar in all the scam sites.

Can you believe there are more than thousand such scam sites and this multiplies every day? These sites have exactly the same business model, website theme, website script, WHOIS details, website address, same outline to scam people but only difference is their name.

Some of these sites are Safdengi.site, Romdengi.club, Faxdengi.club, Fendengi.club, Zendengi.club, Jamdengi.club, Vawdengi.site, Sabdengi.site, Nuwdengi.site, Surdengi.site, Bacdengi.site, Vesdengi.site, Kavdengi.club, Voddengi.club, Razdengi.club, Razdengi.site, Zewdengi.site, Vacdengi.site, PatMoney.club, MesMoney.club, Ahadengi.club, Petdengi.club, Docdengi.top, Wuxdengi.top, CuMoney.club, LiveMoney.host etc. Most of these companies were already shut down without paying anything to any of their affiliates.


So, now you are clear that FepMoney is a scam through our Fep Money review as above.

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