What is DollarsJet? Is DollarsJet Scam or Legit?

We are very clear on the fact that Dollars Jet is yet another scam site from the very professional scammer group who intend to scam people with their money through several other scam sites like this. They offer very easy money to attract more people in their website and afterwards deceive them and shut down the site. Well you can read our DollarsJet review as below to know more about this company.

DollarsJet real or not. DollarsJet fake. Dollars Jet scam.

What is DollarsJet.com and what makes Dollars Jet a scam site? Dollars Jet review.

First of all, this company is registered with not providing any details of their owner and the company’s official address in both of the places, their website as well in the WHOIS details. And in online industry if the company does so, it is very clear that they belong to some scammer group or their owner has some scammer background in the past. These types of scam sites have clear cut objective i.e. just to scam the people.

Secondly, this site has claimed that they have made payments to their referrals but all these claims turn to be bogus just to entice you to work on their website. We do not find any substantial evidence of their payment claims. If you go through their comment section or forum, you can find plenty of complaints and dissatisfactions from various people about this site. So this company does not pay you anything even though you reach their cash-out limit i.e. $300. In place of that, they will ask you to complete the surveys in order to get the payment. And to do that at first you have to pay money to the company. They also ask you for your personal details like your email address, full name, payment processers like credit card details which they intent to sell to other parties in order to make money. They also display the advertisements in their website to earn money. They offer to pay $10 for each click affiliates get in their referral links for which they have to copy paste the referrals links in the social medias and other websites, forums etc. How can this company sustain for long time paying so much money to the affiliates with such a simple tasks? You can imagine how much they need to earn to pay $10 for each click on referral links.


This way they are making money from the affiliates in different manners but not paying anything to anyone. Isn’t it enough to confirm that this company is just another scammer which is not interested in your hardworking and earnings?

This scammer group every time come up with some new scam website keeping different websites domain names but the inside zest of such scam sites are same i.e. their business model, WHOIS details, website script, website hosting service, domain privacy service, same manner of scamming people and their easy money making schemes, website theme and so on. Their business models in every site are almost same and completely counterfeit. Some of the sites which belong to the same scammer group are DutySpace, DutyTrend, DutySet, DutyPool, Duty Kid and so on. They open such sites, make money from them and shut down the business with collectively huge money. So, we have classified Dollars Jet in our scam category and do not recommend you for your online work.

So, now you are clear about what is Dollars Jet through our DollarsJet.com review. However, if you still want to add or report something about Dollars Jet, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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