What is an iPad used for? What is an iPad?

What is an iPad?

iPad is a touch screen tablet made by Apple Inc. iPad is actually a small light weight replacement of notebooks and laptops without a keyboard, but with virtual touch screen keyboard and with easiness of touch screen operation. It is suitable for people who want to carry the light weight device with all function of laptop/PC.

Apple Inc. is the manufacturer of iPad, electronic appliance device which is a line of tablet computers running in iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc itself. iPad was first initiated in 2010 and during the period Apple has been providing latest version of it regularly. Latest series of iPad was launched in March 2017 with Apple A9 processor and 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch. 2G iPad Pro series were launched recently just few months back with additional features of smart connector and ability to use Apple Pencil stylus.

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What are the uses of iPad?

iPad can be connected via Wifi as well as cellular connectivity (in few models) for emailing and other internet functions. iPad has multiple functions with user interface built around its multi-touch screen and with virtual keyboard. iPad can be used for various functions like downloading and installing apps, taking snaps or video recording, sharing or editing photos and videos, GPS navigation, internet functions like email, web surfing and browsing, use of social network usage like checking Facebook, Twitter, playing music and games, watching shows and movies etc.

OK, most of the people know about the above mentioned uses of iPad and most of those things even we can do in smartphones, so what are the best uses of iPad?

best uses of ipad how to use my ipad what is a ipad used for | De Reviews

Some of the best uses of iPad are listed below:

  • The idea of iPad is the combination of laptop and smartphone so that you can carry the laptop loads with light weight, but can get more function that what you can get from your smartphones.
  • iPad can be used to read ebooks from Apple’s iBooks or any other sources of iBooks like Amazon’s Kindle.

  • iPad can be connectted in HDTV or Apple TV and have a wonderful full HD screening.

  • iPad include the function to edit photos, create albums and print them.

  • iPad can be used as scanner through scanner apps. And some scanner apps even can fax the documents or let digital signatures to be done before printing.

  • Siri (the intelligent assistant that enables users of Apple iPhones, iPad and iPods to use the voice commands in order to operate the device) is available in iPad which will not only help to do the simple task or a great assistance for you but also can dictate the voice for your work to be done through iPad like emailing or messaging or searching the web etc. You can choose voice instead of using fingertips. She can help you with her unique voice.

  • iPads can be used as second monitor of laptops or desktop PC. Apps like Duet Display and Air Display can help to use iPad as an extra monitor connected to the PC.

  • iPad can be used to take full control upon your PC so that you can use your desktop PC turning it into a laptop.

  • You can also call or receive phone calls from iPad by connecting it with iPhone.

  • iPad of LTE model can assist you in Maps through its GPS Map apps or Google Maps apps.

  • iPad even can control robot. Double Robotics has created iPad Robot which is an iPad stand with wheels that can be controlled remotely which allows video conference on the move. But for whole setup you need to spend $1999.

  • iPad is very popular to be used in business. Microsoft office can be a great use for spreadsheets or presentations. Not only that, iPad can be used as POS device enabling to make payment via PayPal or let you take credit cards.

  • iPad has Microsoft word and pages word processors which can help to type documents in iPad using its virtual touch screen keyboard or by connecting external keyboard instead of using your laptop or desktop.

  • You can make video conference using Face Time or Skype in iPad.

  • iPad being portable and easy handling with multi functions, it can be a great use in your vacations or family time and entertainment.

  • iPad can be a great help to learn musical instruments from nifty gadgets. Or can be turn into your DJ station.

  • iPad also helps child to be more smart because they can use its touch screen feature very easily due to which they will learn to operate this device very soon in early age comparing with other devices like laptops/notebooks.

Although iPad has great features, due its high price, it is not affordable for everyone.

If you like to share more uses of iPad or want to share some downsides of iPad, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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