Review: Genuine? Vaguepop Scam or Legit?

Considering for your online purchase? If so, then first let’s figure out either is a scam or a genuine online store from this Vaguepop review. We are trying to show you the actual face of Vaguepop so that you can find its reality, either Vaguepop a scam or a trustworthy company.

(NOTE: Scam or multiple new online stores are found to be changing their website name frequently. So, Vaguepop may also change its website name in the future. If you find another name for the Vaguepop website at the time you visit this website, then please report us using the comment section below).

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Is Vaguepop a scam or genuine? Let’s find out the truth from the Vaguepop review as below:

Vaguepop is an online shopping store that is selling various products like Terminal ejection kit, Silicone Protective Cover for Furniture Foot, Secured RFID Deposits and Withdrawals Portfolio, Reusable linoleum tent clip, Waterproof aluminum adhesive tape, 2 in 1 Children’s Cover Hooded Sweat, 3 in 1 Magnetic USB Cable Charger with LED Light, 3 in 1 Measurement Rule, 3D Phone Screen Amplifier, 4-tube-foot pedal resistance band, 48 in 1 Sleeve Tools Works with 360-degree Bolts, and so on. However, there are so many things you must know about Vaguepop before choosing it as your shopping destination.

We have listed Vaguepop as one of the suspicious sites on the basis of the following grounds:

# Vaguepop has provided its parent company’s name and address as: ME&D LTD: 134 Centurion House London Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, Staines Surrey, United Kingdom, TW18 4AX on its Terms and Conditions details and that is also by taking a screenshot of the address instead of directly writing the address on its website. Normally, the scam sites provide their company’s address in that way so that no one can find them by searching on Google. However, this address can’t be verified on Google Maps or by doing Google Search since only the partial address appeared in the Maps which is pinpointed on the road. We don’t find any evidence that it is operated by ME&D LTD. And this parent company’s name is used by other suspicious websites as well i.e. Lomiol, Canshopful, Dewooze, Hooshee, Turlami, CiciLike, Vodill, Museriddle, Hyjaa, Verofancy, Clothfou, Vivianini, Mikeelike, Tombudy, Moiravia, SimoneDeal, Lorikissy, Lifechoing, Achatss, Hnwyfpp, Zoeforl, Beachsissi, WalmartSuit, Seoppo, Chicros, MacroShopMall. Hence we shall not trust Vaguepop for online shopping.

# Companies operating under ME&D LTD have so many customers’ complaints about the quality of products. They deliver very low-quality products or different products other than they advertise on their website. The product value is also much higher than the quality of the product they deliver. Secondly, the delivery time of products, as well as customer support, is also very poor.

#  The fake trust seal logo of McAfee has been provided on its Product details page. However, the real trust seal logos should be clickable so that we can click on them which should send us to the official verification webpage of respective trust seal providers to verify those trust seals. Mostly scam sites provide such fake trust seal logos which makes Vaguepop a very suspicious and unprofessional website as well as an unsecured website. So if you shop at this site, your personal and financial information such as your credit card information might be stolen.

# We found that the product images used by Vaguepop for its product catalog aren’t unique, so it means that Vaguepop has either copy-pasted the image from other websites or just reselling clothing. Lots of content provided on the website as well as the website theme matches with the other similar type of suspicious and problematic sites.

# It is offering unreasonable discounts and sales offers on the price of lots of products it sells. Hence most of the scam sites do so to attract people to their websites.

Our Final Verdict:

Above are some of the realities we have shown you after our research on how Vaguepop and similar type of companies are doing their business.

Nevertheless, we have come up with the conclusion that Vaguepop is one of the suspicious websites. We really hope you understand our review on what Vaguepop is all about and feel free to share your views about this company in our comment section below by providing your own reviews.

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These days there are lots of scam online stores. So, we want to suggest you shop related products only from the renowned online stores like Amazon and so on in order to save yourself from scams. Or, at least do some research before you purchase anything from unknown online stores.

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Thank you.

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