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Everything You Need to Know About USAA Customer Service Number
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USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a renowned financial services provider that provides its members (people and families who serve, or served, in the United States Armed Forces) various banking, insurance, and investment services. If you’re a USAA member and require assistance with any of their products or services, USAA customer service number is always available for you. (Source: Wikipedia)

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on USAA’s customer service number, including ways to contact them, what you can anticipate during your call, and tips to maximize your experience.

How to Contact USAA’s Customer Service?

USAA’s customer service numbers are 1-800-531-8722 and 1-210-531-8722 (Source: You can use this number to speak with a representative who can assist you with your questions or concerns about banking, insurance, investments, and other financial products. When you call, you will be asked to enter your member number or social security number to verify your identity. Once you verify your identity, you will be connected with a customer service representative.

What Should You Expect When You Call USAA’s Customer Service?

When you call USAA customer service number, you can expect to get help from a knowledgeable representative, who will listen to your issue or question and work with you to find a resolution that meets your needs. They may ask you for additional information to better understand your situation and will try to provide more effective assistance.

How can you make a successful call with USAA’s Customer Service?

Below are some essential guidelines to keep in mind when contacting USAA’s customer service:

  1. You should keep your member number or Social Security number accessible while making the call. This will speed up the identification process and allow the representative to access your account information quickly.
  2. You should be clear and concise when describing your issue. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for the representative to assist you.
  3. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re uncertain about anything. USAA’s representatives are there to help you, so ask for clarification if needed.
  4. You should take notes during the call. This will help you remember important points and reference them later if needed.
  5. If your issue remains unresolved during the call, follow up as necessary. Don’t hesitate to contact USAA’s customer service department again to ensure that your concerns are properly addressed.

USAA’s customer service number is an important resource for members who need assistance with their financial products and services. By keeping these tips in mind and utilizing this valuable resource, you can get the help you need and make the most of your USAA membership.


What is USAA?

USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association, which is a financial services company that offers insurance, banking, investment, and retirement products exclusively to military members, veterans, and their families.

Why do I need to contact USAA customer service?

If you have a USAA account or policy, you may need to contact customer service to get help with account-related inquiries, report claims or issues, or make changes to your policies.

Who can use USAA’s services?

USAA products and services are only available to military members, veterans, and their families.

Do I need to pay any fee for calling the USAA customer service number?

No, you don’t need to pay any fee for calling the USAA customer service number. But, standard call and data rates may apply if you use your mobile phone to call.

What is the USAA customer service number?

1-800-531-8722 and 1-210-531-8722

Is the USAA customer service number available 24/7?

Yes, the USAA customer service number is available 24/7 for general inquiries, claims, and account assistance.

Is there any other alternative way to contact USAA customer service?

Yes, in addition to calling the customer service number, you can also contact USAA through their website:, mobile app, or by visiting a local USAA financial center.

What types of issues can I resolve through the USAA customer service number?

You can resolve a wide range of issues through the USAA customer service number, including inquiries about your accounts, reporting claims, making policy changes, and receiving technical support.

Is USAA’s customer service considered good?

Yes, USAA’s customer service is highly ranked by independent organizations and customers.

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