TypingSensei.com Review: Typing Sensei Scam or Legit?

Either is a TypingSensei scam or trustworthy? You must be here to find out either is a TypingSensei.com scam or genuine site, right? If so, then you can check our analysis on TypingSensei below including the TypingSensei reviews posted by the customers (if any) in the comment section. So, let’s find out the reality of TypingSensei which is offering points that can be converted into freebies and money by playing a typing game.

Either is TypingSensei fake or real?

These days there are lots of scam sites offering freebies and money for doing simple tasks. So, it’s better to do some research before you do anything on those sites. Most of the new sites don’t pay or give gifts as per their promise. So, if you want to find out either is a TypingSensei fraud or not, either it will pay you are not, you can check our analysis and comment sections below. If you can’t find any comment below but you have some experience dealing with the TypingSensei, then you can place your own comment below and share with us your experience with TypingSensei.

TypingSensei complaints. TypingSensei fake or real? TypingSensei legit or fraud?

Our Analysis on Typing Sensei: Below are some tips that will help you to identify either is a TypingSensei fake or real:-

# You can check either any site is secured properly or not. You should know that legit sites never compromise on their website security whereas scam sites don’t care about their website security and even try to trick people by showing them fake trust seal logos of McAfee, Norton, etc. In order to identify the provided trust seal logos are real or not, you can click on them which should send you to the official verification webpage of respective trust seal providers. If the provided trust seals are not clickable or if they don’t send you to the official verification webpages of respective trust seal providers when you click on them, then you should know those are fake trust seals. You should avoid all sites with fake trust seal logos. We didn’t find any such fake trust seal logos on the TypingSensei website but still, TypingSensei hasn’t secured its website using security measures like Norton, McAfee, and so on. TypingSensei isn’t secured even with SSL security. These days even simple websites are secured with SSL. You should know mostly scam and unprofessional sites compromised with their website security not the legit ones. So, this makes TypingSensei a suspicious website. After all, why anyone who wants to run their web business for a longer time will like to compromise their website security just to save a few bucks. So, it is doubtful that why such a company which is claiming to pay some money will like to compromise its website security to save a few bucks. There is something fishy there.

# Always check every detail on the website. When we checked the TypingSensei website, we find out following drawbacks:-

  • TypingSensei has provided the Blogs section link at the bottom of its website but when you click there, you won’t find any blogs there. Professional sites won’t make such unnecessary categories or menu on their website.
  • TypingSensei is claiming to give freebies for playing typing games. So, we checked what is the source of their own income because to pay you, first of all, they need to make money for themselves. Then we find out that they are making money by placing the Google AdSense ads on their website. So, the main motto of the TypingSensei website is to make a profit by making you engaged on their site so that they can make money from those ads while you are typing on their site. But, the question is: Does such an income source is enough to pay all members? Maybe enough since they will first of all pay you in points which can be converted later in money. So, they can change the value of their points according to their earnings. But placing Google AdSense ads in such a way can make them banned from AdSense since that can be against the Google AdSense policy. If that happens, then from where they will make income to pay you? From other ad-networks? You should know that other ad networks won’t pay even half of what Google AdSense pays. So, we don’t think they can have a long-lasting business. And even if they manage to stay for a long time, still they can’t pay you any big amount of money. You will struggle to make even pocket money by working for a month on this site.

# Most of the scam sites don’t provide their company’s address or contact phone number. Some scam sites provide fake contact details. So, always check the provided contact details are real or not before joining any new sites. In the case of TypingSensei, it hasn’t provided any company’s address or owner details or contact phone number which makes it a very suspicious site.

# Try to find out the complaints posted by users. Most of the time you can find out lots of complaints posted by users of sites if they are not doing good. Scam sites always have a bunch of complaints and very few or almost zero positive reviews. So, check the complaints around the internet for any sites before you join them. In the case of TypingSensei, we have found a few positive reviews but also a few complaints as well. Lots of users are complaining that there are too many errors in the site which is making them difficult to earn points even after playing the game honestly. Some users are complaining that they are unable to convert their points due to errors on a website while others are even facing errors to login to the site. Like we have said above, TypingSensei is not secured and designed properly. So, such errors may be occurring on their site due to traffic load, low-size hosting, and low-quality web design. Anyway, they really need to improve lots of things on their site as we have mentioned above so that we can rely on them, otherwise, at the moment TypingSensei looks suspicious.

Now you got an idea on how to check some sites. You also find out the faults that TypingSensei has. If you know something more about TypingSensei, then you can share that with us by using the comment section below.

Your comment will help us to know the reality of TypingSensei. So, please feel free to leave your comment below. You can also provide detailed TypingSensei.com reviews below.

You can also comment below to report about any kinds of scams. After all, we are here to spread awareness about the scams. So, let’s do it together. Let’s save innocent people from scams.

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