SpeakersAndSounds Review: SpeakersAndSounds.com Scam?

You need to be careful with Speakers And Sounds because it doesn’t seem a legit online store. So, you did right by searching for SpeakersAndSounds reviews before you purchase something from this site. Actually, we don’t recommend you to purchase any items from Speakers And Sounds. If you want to know why then you can find the details here within our Speakers And Sounds review. So, let’s begin with our SpeakersAndSounds.com review.

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Speakers & Sounds online store has following drawbacks which makes it a suspicious online store:-

# SpeakersAndSounds.com hasn't provided any real information about who and from where is operating and running the Speakers & Sounds because it has mentioned it governs the laws of India on its "Terms of Service" page. However, at the bottom of its check-out page, if you click "Terms of Service", you will find out another "Terms of Service" for SpeakersAndSounds.com where it has mentioned it governs the laws of United States. How can the same company have two "Terms of Service" pages with completely different statements and addresses? So, this proves SpeakersAndSounds hasn't provided the real contact information. However, every legit online store will provide the real contact information including the phone number, only scam online store doesn’t care to provide the real contact information.

# SpeakersAndSounds.com also has concealed the owner’s name and detailed company’s address within WHOIS which proves the owner of Speakers & Sounds doesn’t want to reveal his/her identity which is obviously not a good sign.

# Although SpeakersAndSounds provides the option to purchase the items using the credit card, it hasn’t provided the required security measures to secure the credit card information. So if you shop at this site, your credit card information can be stolen.

# The website SpeakersAndSounds.com has been poorly designed which looks similar to lots of scam sites such as it hasn't provided any favicon or website logo, its website theme is untidy, its TOS has been copy-pasted from other sites and so on.

# These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on huge discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. So, in this scenario, it is better to stay away from online stores like SpeakersAndSounds which even don’t provide the real contact information. Some of these kinds of online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Now you must be clear why we think SpeakersAndSounds.com might be a scam. So, in this situation, we don’t recommend you to purchase anything from SpeakersAndSounds.

It is clear that SpeakersAndSounds.com is a suspicious website through our Speakers & Sounds review as above. However, if you still want to add your own SpeakersAndSounds.com reviews or want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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18 thoughts on “SpeakersAndSounds Review: SpeakersAndSounds.com Scam?

  1. I contacted my Attorney General here in Missouri yesterday. Filed a complaint. I heard back this morning from them that the web page and all info has been deleted. They cannot find it anywhere. Everyone who reads this, "File a complaint with your state Attorney General." Your order and money have disappeared according to my state rep. GOOD LUCK.....

  2. I ordered on February 6th. It says the shipment can take up to 50 days from China. I did not know that it was suppose to come from China until after I made my purchases for my grandkids birthdays. Today is May 1st 2019. I still have not received my purchases. I moved in March. I tried to contact them to send my order to my new address and all I got was a disclaimer saying they would not ship to my new address. Or any new address once to order was placed. Makes me angry. I had to purchase new birthday gifts for my grandkids because their birthdays were in March. I ordered early enough for a couple of weeks mail time. Now I lost my money and no order.

  3. This is a scam company. So, on this time like what they canceled exist. I payed for headphones, but any phone any money.

    1. Yes, lots of people are complaining about not getting the purchased items from SeakersAndSounds.

  4. Thanks for the review, I was scammed in by the add on Facebook, not sure how FB allowed them.
    It's been more than 60days and I have not received any delivery from them. The email response says item has been shipped.

  5. I ordered beats headphones for $19.99 almost 2 months ago. They sell for almost $300. I was told I would get a text once it ships. That never happened. I have contacted them multiple times. Telling me not to worry. It was delayed but I should receive it soon. That was 2 weeks ago.
    Their website has since been taken down as well as their # no longer in service. They were most definitely a scam. Glad I only lost $20. I knew it was too good to be true.

    1. You should also contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your credit card and get the new one since these scammers can also charge your credit card further without your consent.

  6. I placed a order on 2-19-19 and never received my order. When I contact them by e-mail they told me it was shipped and never could provide me the date it was shipped or a tracking number. This is a scam please do not order from them, you will never receive your order

    1. Well, that is what SpeakersAndSounds is doing with lots of its clients. So, it really looks like a scam.

  7. Hello,
    I placed my order on 1-28-19. On the website it says all orders will be received 14-30 day. When I contacted them for a tracking number they said not all orders come with a tracking number. At that time I was told my order would arrive in 14-40 days. I have contacted them several times asking about my order. The only reply I receive is "you order has been sent" I tried to get a refund from them and they just say again "your order has been sent". Needless to say I have never received my order. I would not place an order with Speakers n Sounds.

    1. In this scenario, it's better you contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you for a refund as well as tell them to cancel your credit card and give the new one because lots of scam sites even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. Or, If you have paid money using PayPal then open a dispute through your PayPal account against your transaction with SpeakeresAndSounds.

    2. Same with me. I placed my order on February 6th and i still havent gotten it. I placed mine with a visa giftcard though

    3. Getting the same with speakers and sounds...14 to 40 days"..here I'm trying too give benefit of the doubt maybe they mean business days??? Cuz it's been 3 almost for months...last I heard was they had a delay" but my order was in route...14 to 40 days after that I asked for a tracking number and they said they only can see if the package has been delivered or not..maybe give them 1 more month since my order wasn't too expensive also if coming from China wish app took about 6months.maybe same with them.??? I will contact my bank if I dont get it by then...bummer I wanted those headphones..lol

    4. I also ordered from them but never received anything back to say it was sent or why it has not arrived.

    5. Hi just wondering if you received your order from theses guy. As I ordered something the day before and have not received anything but a run around. Now they refuse to give me a refund. On top of this there site is no longer online.

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