List of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Are you searching for the free option for site streaming, such as free movie streaming sites, free online tv streaming sites, free sport streaming sites, overall free recorded and live video streaming sites? Well then, without wasting your time, we have listed below some of the good video streaming sites which we have found and used by ourselves. However, it doesn’t mean these sites are legit.

We again want to repeat that we don’t mean these sites are legit. Of course, these sites are not legit because they provided the pirated movies. We have found many pirated movies on these sites which can lead them to legal issues in the future. So, we are not recommending them but only sharing what we have found to be the best free movie streaming sites. But maybe some of them will be closed in the future due to the legal issue.

We don’t think it is bad to share something which many people are using. Although these sites are illegal, it’s the duty of legal authorities to ban these sites. Until these sites are online and providing a free option to stream or download a movie, we don’t think it is bad to watch a movie on them. After all, everybody wants to save their money, right? However, if the legal authorities have any problem with sharing these movie streaming sites, then they can contact us through our “Contact Us” section. We will definitely follow the advice of the legal authorities.

Free Movie and Video Streaming Sites

Well, now you know what kind of sites we are sharing here to watch a movie for free. So, before we share these sites, we suggest you not provide your credit card information to these sites. Only use these sites as a free option to watch and download movies. We don’t think it is safe to provide credit card or any financial details to these sites. If any of these listed sites ask your credit card or other payment information, it’s better you just leave the site. Well, following are the list of the best free movie as well as other kinds of video streaming sites that we have found to be working well:-

1. It provides the latest movies, however, most of the latest movies are pirated movies with cam version. You need to download those movies from this site in order to watch. You can download and watch movie free of cost even without registering to this site.

2.  You can watch online or download the latest and many popular movies from this site free of cost. You must know the fact that new movies are always in cam version.

3. In this site, you can stream a movie and can find out plenty of movies. You can watch movies on this site without registration. However, the downside of this site is pop up ads some of which even contain viruses and malware. Like in other sites, new movies on this site are also in cam format.

4. Actually, this site directly doesn’t offer movies or series to view. But this is a site where anyone can upload the videos like in YouTube. But unlike on YouTube, here you can find lots of pirated movies and series, even the new ones by using the search function of the site. You can also download the movie from this site. However, the pop-up ads are once again problem within this site which may also contain viruses and malware.

5. You can download or watch movie free of cost on this site. New movies are here also in cam version. Actually, you can’t expect to get the good print of most of the movies which are less than 1 month old.

6. You can also get free movies in this site but you need to download app and register which actually we don’t like. However, it’s up to you either you want to register with this site or not but don’t provide your credit card or any payment information.

7. This site has lots of series and movies that you can watch but this doesn’t provide unlimited views for free and definitely we don’t recommend you to pay money to watch a movie on this kind of site. You also need to register to this site to watch a movie. It also asks you to donate money and let you wait to watch a movie. But we will definitely don’t recommend you to donate money. We also don’t like lots of pop-up ads in this site. Some of those ads even contain malware and viruses.

8. You can view movies and series without registering with this site. There is not any restriction on the number of views. However, this site doesn’t have plenty of movies which is the downside of this site.

9. Although you can find plenty of movies to watch free of cost on this site, you need to register to watch those movies and even it doesn’t provide the unlimited views and movie ratings.

10. In this site also you need to register to view the movies and it also doesn’t provide the unlimited views and movie ratings.

11. Egy.Best:- Among our list, this is the site which we don’t like too much because first of all we don’t understand the language of this site and secondly, this site doesn’t offer movie rating and unlimited view.

Well, these are only 11 sites that we have found but definitely, there are lots of similar kinds of sites. Millions of people watch pirated movies. Yes, it is illegal to support such sites. So, here we are not supporting these sites. We are only providing the list of the sites which are online for more than a year and none of the legal authorities step up to close them down.

No one knows who and from where is operating these kinds of sites. These kinds of sites are never safe. So, if you want to use these kinds of sites to watch movies or series, at least install good antivirus and anti-malware program first of all in your computer.

And never ever provided your credit card information to these sites. Whenever these sites ask you for your credit card information or other payment processor details, just leave the site.

If you know other similar kinds of sites for video streaming, then please feel free to share with us by using the comment section below.

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