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Sharp is a big name and major brand in TV making industry. Quattron is the brand name of LCD color display technology of Sharp Company where they have utilized yellow fourth colour subpixel RGBY (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) instead of standard RGB color subpixel (Red, Green and Glue) used in regular HD Led TVs.

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Sharp Company stated that this new feature will give yellow, gold and brass color more definition by expanding the pixel color scaling the yellow pixel and increases the range of displayable colors like “Yellow flower”, “Gold metal”, or “Emerald green”. Yellow color is the finest one to make pictures brighter with less power. Quattron technology is supposed to make smoother pictures with an 8,294,400 subpixels panel.

Quattron is the name of Sharp series of TVs with this four colors (RGBY) technology. The term Quadpixel is an encapsulation and Quadcolor is description of the Quadpixel TV filter technology with RGBY.

Sharp Aquos Quattron TV with Quattron plus (Q+) technology was launched with new configuration of 10 M subpixels with greater picture detail as claimed by this company. Sharp Q+ series are highest resolution full HD TVs and can play 4K content with up scaling technology designed to make the contents’ detail more sharper. The standard 1080 p HD TV has 6 M subpixels. The screen is a form of multi-primary color display and all other forms are developed in parallel to Sharp’s other version. The Company states that this version reflects the content in clear way extending horizontal resolution with accurate color and effectively doubling the vertical resolution providing greater picture detail. This four filter LCD pixel model is claimed to add the new primary color yellow to the usual RGB as stated above. RGBY deliver more accurate color expansion.

Sharp Q+ Vs downscale Ultra HD content and upscale standard full HD content to make everything look better.

Since there is not so much complaints from the consumers of Sharp Aquos TV, it seems this technology is doing well. However, if you have any complaints about any models of Sharp TV or want to provide some feedbacks or some Sharp television reviews, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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