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Either is a scam or trustworthy? If this RERF aid is really from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, then why the website is down? You must be here to find out either is a scam or genuine website, right? If so, then you can check our analysis on below. So, let’s find out the reality of the

Rerf complaints Rerf fake or real Rerf legit or fraud | De Reviews

Either is a Rerf fraud or genuine?

Above you can find the screenshot that we have taken from the Facebook page of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation where they have mentioned about the website. They have also provided the link to the website on their official website ( So, this makes clear that is a genuine website from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

So, then why down or too much slow?

It looks like too many people are trying to open at a same time due to which their server is not handling the traffic load. Actually, they have already mentioned about it on their Facebook page which you can find below.

FB post from National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation mentioning about Rerf website down | De Reviews

So, it’s better you wait patiently until they fix everything. We know that this relief fund is for those restaurant workers who are experiencing extraordinary hardship in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. So, they definitely want to apply online as soon as possible for a one-time $500 grant through the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF). But, if you find the website is not working properly, then you should try after some minutes or hours.

You can share your thoughts about the website below as well as about this $500 grant Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. So, please feel free to leave your comment below.

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  1. This thing is a joke. Don’t tell me they couldn’t anticipate what they would need on the back-en and code for the server to help anyone who tried. I wasted at least 5 hours of my time on this joke and got as far as entering my name and cell phone number before it failed.

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