PurcherryShop.com Review: Genuine? PurcherryShop Scam or Legit?

This is a review of a PurcherryShop online store to find out either is a PurcherryShop.com scam or a legit company. Our PurcherryShop review will help you to figure out whether you shall make any purchase from this PurcherryShop online store or not. So, let’s find out the reality of PurcherryShop from the below PurcherryShop.com review.

(NOTE: Scam or multiple new online stores are found to be changing their website name frequently. So, PurcherryShop may also change its website name in the future. If you find another name for the PurcherryShop website at the time you visit this website, then please report us using the comment section below).

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Is PurcherryShop a scam or genuine? Let’s know the truth from PurcherryShop review as below:

PurcherryShop is an online shopping store selling various products like DIY Crystal Mould SET (With147 PCS KIT), DEEP SEA MOVING SAND PICTURES ART(ROUND), 26 English Letters Transforms Alphabet Dinosaur Toys For Kids Gift, 3D World Map Wallpaper Wall Mural, Sponge Compression Facial Cleansing Face Wash, Nail Art Carved Decorative Silicone Mold, Contrasting Color Drawer Desktop Storage Box Office Storage, Small Ball Loose Powder Oil Control Makeup Powder, Natural Aloe Vera Lip Balm, Toy Gun Alarm Clock Game, Thick Slim Cashmere Warm Pants, and so on. However, there are so many things you must know about PurcherryShop before choosing it as your shopping destination.

PurcherryShop is classified as one of the problematic sites due to the following knotholes:

Company Address:

PurcherryShop mentioned on its Terms of Service page that its Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK but it missed to give its company’s address on its website. Its contact phone number is also missing on the website whereas such information shall always be provided by legit websites. So PurcherryShop doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy company for online shopping.

Security of the website:

PurcherryShop has provided the fake trust seal logos of VeriSign, McAfee, Norton on its few Product details page. However, the real trust seal logos should be clickable so that we can click on them which should send us to the official verification webpage of respective trust seal providers to verify those trust seals. On top of that, the VeriSign logo has not been used since 2012. The Norton Secured logo is the legitimate seal provided by the same company now, VeriSign no longer issues SSL certificates so there is no longer a valid VeriSign site seal. So, there is no point in providing both VeriSign and Norton logos on the same website. Mostly scam sites provide such fake trust seal logos which makes PurcherryShop a very suspicious and unprofessional website as well as an unsecured website. So if you shop at this site, your personal and financial information such as your credit card information might be stolen.

Discount and Sales offers:

PurcherryShop is providing an unrealistic heavy discount price that is too good to be true and only the scam and problematic sites can afford to offer.

Copied Content:

Lots of content including its About Us page match with multiple suspicious and problematic sites like Marinill, Dgwnss, Dailyys, BoboliStore, Bedukero, Louduase, Nicovy, Gerwht, Unibur, Vheri, Fuyerte, Pedbbu, GlowinEyes, Zisales, Azallean, Jonboo, AsyyShop, YdyShopping, Habitoa, DirekeStore, Uflashing, Samohearts, Rallyh, StarkCold, Theinamusing, Csgshanzi, LlsnfkuajyriSite, Xindipo, Cleveinc, Weepfor, Gariously, PlentifulDate, Easylifel, Edisones, Vbersho, TrendSetts, Mrlilacs, Livolg, Lifbuy, Srebeg, WonderfulMemoryShop, ShouhoukefuShop, JapnionShop, JumpoverShop, Vasttopshop, BlueyeesOnline, Lyagain, Saracora, Cookinee, Wimpsur, Lazdda, Cornub, Yamiyaly, Anthoyham, Sothingapp, PrettyaDay, Cadmicq, and so many others.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

PurcherryShop and similar types of sites have very poor customer support, as well as delivery time as per the complaints received from the buyers of similar kinds of sites. PurcherryShop may send fake or very cheap quality products other than what it has advertised on its website.

Our Final Verdict:

These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items at huge discounts, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Above are some of the reality-based findings from our research which explains how PurcherryShop and similar type of companies are doing their business.

However, the conclusion is that PurcherryShop is one of the suspicious websites on which we shall not rely on. We really hope you understand what our review on PurcherryShop is all about and feel free to share your views about PurcherryShop in our comment section below by providing your own PurcherryShop.com reviews.

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These days there are lots of scam online stores. So, we want to suggest you shop related products only from the renowned online stores like Amazon and so on in order to save yourself from scams. Or, at least do some research before you purchase anything from unknown online stores.

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