What is Money Come First? Is Money Come First a Scam?

What is MoneyComeFirst? Money Come First Review.

MoneyComeFirst is nothing more than a scam company owned and operated by the same serial scammer group who has been scamming people with their series of scam websites. They open one after the other similar type of websites with the aim to deceive people and when they are successful, they just close the sites without paying a single penny to any of their members. They offer free membership to their members.

What MoneyComeFirst offers to pay?

MoneyComeFirst guarantees to pay $10 for each click on the affiliates’ referral link that they get from the social media like Facebook. For that the affiliates first share their referral link on the social media platforms and then receive the click from the viewers. Now, if Facebook is available to promote the website link in just $1 for each 25 to 50 clicks, no one willing to pay $ 10 for a single click. Can anyone be so much un-calculative and stupid in business to do so if they are legit? Well, we don’t think so because when some company is legit and actually paying, they are always very calculative on their profit margin as well as on rate of return and never offers such an unbelievable amount of money on such a simple task because they know they cannot sustain for long-term in the market.

Besides, if you see on their website, you can find that they are offering to earn $1500 for just doing 5-10 minutes simple task in the first week. Don’t you think this amount is way much high to pay for any legit company just for a simple task and that is also in a week? Well, we cannot believe in such fake claims simply because this company has no any real product to sell and they also don’t have any real source of income. So how can they manage to pay so much money to the members in a week?

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Either is Money Come First legit or scam company?

As we already said MoneyComeFirst.com belongs to the same group of a serial scammer who owns several other similar types of scam sites in which they always keep the owner identity and website address hidden. There is no any real information about the same in both their website as well as in WHOIS details. All these sites are opened with same fake identity. So from this incident also, it is very clear that the owner of this site is intentionally unrevealing the identity to escape from being caught. Their one and only mission is to cheat people with their money and run away after that. The same scammer is doing this time and again but with different websites.

Few such sites which the same serial scammer owns and operates are DollarsJet, DollarsTeller, DollarPlane,USDWork, DutyTimes, DollarsPlug, DollarJobOnline, DollarInPocket, DollarSaw,  DutyKid, DutySet,  DutySpace, DutyTrend,PayChair, MyPayPot, SuperJobs, MyPayStuff, EarningHabit, CashinWork, BucksTip, JobTaka, WeeklyYouthPay, WeeklyFixPay, EarlyJobPay etc.

The above are only some examples of scam sites the same scammer owns and operates but there are several other such scam sites which are exactly similar to each other. Their website domain name is different but all other website details are same i.e. website business model, script, hosting service, domain privacy service, website theme, offers, scamming pattern and so on.

All the payment proofs that are provided by this company has no any verification, they are just making a loud noise to turn the people’s attention towards them. They claim to pay instantly in the affiliates’ accounts but actually, these types of scam sites have no record of paying anything to anyone ever. They are here to make money but not to pay. When the affiliates reach the cash-out limit and apply for the payment, this company will ask to do some more tasks like surveys in order to get the payment. And to do this type of tasks also, affiliates need to pay the money upfront by themselves to the company. That’s how the company makes certain percent commission from such tasks. But this company does not pay anything up on doing such additional tasks as well.

This company also sells their affiliates’ personal information like their credit card details, payment processors details, email address etc. to the third parties to make money. They also display the advertisements on their website to show to the members from which they make money. So, they are intended to take out money from the members by all means but are never concerned to pay them anything.

What we finally say?

MoneyComeFirst is not paying anything to any of their members and this fact is enough to say that this company is entirely a scam company open and run by the same serial scammer. Besides, they are hiding the real identity of the owner and the website just because they are the serial scammer. So we do not recommend joining such a bogus company for your online work.

Here, what we would like to suggest you is that you must find out some basic information about any online company before joining them. You also have to look for the comments and suggestions that are available in the forums about the company. All these things really help you to figure out what the company is all about and you can be saved from being scammed.

So, now you are clear about what is MoneyComeFirst.com through our MoneyComeFirst.com review as above. However, if you still have some more information to share, then you can provide your own “Money Come First Reviews” or report something about MoneyComeFirst by using the comment section below.

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