JustClip.Live Review: Legit? Just Clip Scam

Beware of JustClip.Live scam website. Yes, JustClip Live is not a genuine or trustworthy platform to make money online. It has lots of similarities with closed scam sites such as Workmines, MidJobs, etc. OK, let’s begin with our JustClip Live review to find out why is a Just Clip Live scam and what is JustClip.Live in real.

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Just Clip Live is a fraudulent website due to the following reasons:-

Sites like JustClip Live are indirect Ponzi schemes. They don’t look like Ponzi Schemes but they are actually running a Ponzi Scheme. The money they pay to their members come from the money that members pay to upgrade their account. Otherwise why even members need to upgrade their account when JustClip Live claims them to pay money by viewing videos. If they really making money from those views, they no need to ask members to upgrade their accounts to remain active.

JustClip Live is paying members by routing the money between the members. These kinds of Ponzi schemes pay at starting but later they will close the site and run away with a big amount of money without paying multiple members. So, they may pay few members at starting to show the payment proofs but they will stop paying anytime they want.

Even the sites like JustClip Live want to keep on paying their members, they can’t because the amount they need to pay their members will be more than than the amount that site is earning from the investment of members on those upgrades.

The business model of JustClip Live proves itself to be a Ponzi Scheme. It claims to pay $0.2 to $0.92 for watching each video for few seconds as per its different membership plans such as BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, and DIAMOND. If your purchase a DIAMOND plan, then you can earn $0.92 per few seconds view of video and can watch up to 96 videos daily, which means you can earn ($0.92X96) $88.32 per day. None of the YouTube videos can make such an amount of money per few seconds view which makes clear that their main business plan runs as a Ponzi Scheme which is an illegal scheme.

Advertisers will advertise their videos on other websites than YouTube only if they can get a cheaper rate than what they need to pay for advertising on YouTube or if they can get better traffic quality. But, in the case of JustClip Live, neither they can get a cheaper rate nor they can get good quality traffic. The viewers who view videos on JustClip Live are the ones who are watching them to make money, not because they are interested in those videos. But, advertisers can advertise on YouTube by targeting viewers who will be interested to view their videos. So, there is no reason to advertise their videos on sites like JustClip Live by paying more money than YouTube.

So, the listed videos on JustClip Live may not be from the real advertisers. Like a similar kinds of scam sites (Workmines, Midjobs, etc.), maybe JustClip Live has also listed random videos itself just to trick people since there is not any verifiable source of income coming into the JustClip Live other than the money invested by its members on its membership plans. So, it proves that JustClip Live is operating a Ponzi Scheme.

Aforementioned, Workmines and Midjobs were scam sites that were exactly the same as JustClip Live which were already closed by now without paying the earnings of multiple members.

Ponzi schemes like JustClip Live trick people by showing the real payment proofs because they pay few members at starting by routing the money between the members so that they can lure more people into their scheme by showing those payment proofs. However, it is practically not possible to pay all members in that way because when they pay one member, they need to use the money invested by the other two or more members so that they can pay the principle and profit to that one member. But, whenever they pay members in that way, they will create a debt equal to the amount of profit that they use to pay the members. So, even Ponzi schemes like JustClip Live want to pay all members they can’t because day by day the debt will be kept on increasing and they will not have enough funds to pay all members. That’s why Ponzi schemes like JustClip Live are illegal schemes.

Legal authorities have already warned the general public to stay out of the Ponzi Schemes like JustClip Live due to their unsustainable nature. The majority of members will lose their money in the Ponzi Scheme and only a few ones who join the scheme at first will make some few bucks due to which you will find out few people who promote and support Ponzi schemes like JustClip Live.

These kinds of sites may also make money by selling the personal details of members like their email address, payment processor details and so on which members have to provide them during registration, purchasing upgrade plans, and cash-out requests.

These scammers every time come up with some new website keeping different website names but the inside zest of such scam sites are the same i.e. their business model and the way of scamming people. So, we have listed JustClip Live in our Scams category.

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Now it is clear that JustClip Live is a scam through our Just Clip Live review here. However, if you still want to add your own JustClip Live reviews or want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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