How is Green Tea Good for You? Green Tea Side Effects

Is green tea good for health? Is drinking green tea good for you?

This comes into frequent notice that green tea is one of the healthiest drinks of all time. But many of us are still unknown about the benefits it provides to our health. So let’s discuss here some of the excellent health benefits it delivers to our body.

What are benefits of green tea?

Green tea is the high source of nutrients and antioxidants as it is prepared from the unfermented leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. The bioactive compounds in it provide huge nutrients factors in our body. It also contains polyphenols like various types of flavonoids and catechins which are the greatest antioxidant components. Flavonoids packed in green tea have anti-inflammatory capabilities, neuroprotective and anticancer components, antithrombogenic and antidiabetic compounds. So, due to the presence of all these healing components, green tea has a very positive impact on our body.

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What are the health benefits of green tea?

  1. Due to having maximum antioxidants properties and containing bioactive components, minerals, and many other important nutrients, green tea can help to get a healthy body. These components help to reduce the risk of aging and other diseases. It helps to improve brain function, reduce bad cholesterol and fat, lower the risk of heart diseases, cancer, stroke, type II diabetes, blood sugar level etc. So it helps to avoid some of the very severe and chronic diseases which ultimately increase our longevity. Green tea is the most effective anti-aging drinks.

  2. Green tea is very effective to burn body fat especially the abdominal fat and reduce body weight as it helps to improve and boost the metabolic rate in our body. Catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea may help to improve metabolic rate decreasing the appetite. So, if you are searching to find out either is green tea good for weight loss or not, then the answer is yes.

  3. Green tea is found to be very beneficial for our bone health as well. Catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea stimulates enzyme, increase bone mineralization which is responsible to bone growth.

  4. Green tea lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart diseases as it helps to reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides as well as total cholesterol level. Flavonoids in it have anti-inflammatory effects. Basically, green tea protects LDL cholesterol from oxidation due to its antioxidant properties which ultimately reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in our body. Catechins and polyphenolic compounds may possess protective effects on the cardiovascular system.

  5. Green tea can lower the blood sugar level as well as improve the insulin sensitivity in our body which can help to reduce the risk of type II diabetes. Flavan-3-ols or anthocyanidins component in green tea may help to normalize blood sugar levels and catechins have anti-obesity and antidiabetic effects in our body.

  6. The bioactive component catechins present in green tea helps to protect neurons. Thus, green tea is very helpful to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer.

  7. Powerful Antioxidants present in green tea also help to reduce the risk of several types of cancer likes prostate cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer and many others. It helps to protect against oxidative damage and lower the cause of cancer. High level of polyphenols found in green tea may help to kill cancerous cells and stop them from growing.

  8. Green tea helps to improve the brain function. Components like caffeine (small amount) and amino acid L-theanine present in it provide synergetic effects on our brain function i.e. increase the concentration level, reduce memory loss, reduce mood swings and anxiety, protect brain cells from oxidative effects and free radical damage.

  9. Green tea is also very effective in oral and dental health. Either it is a dental problem like tooth cavity or decay, mouth infections or bad breathe problems, it helps to improve overall oral health by killing the bacteria and germs. Catechins present in it have the capacity to kill the bacteria and germs which causes bad oral and dental health.

However, we have tried to list out some of the well known and some of the proven health benefits of green tea but more researchers are yet to be done to prove its other health benefits.

Side effects of green tea

Besides having multiple health benefits, green tea also contains some side effects. Those who have high caffeine sensitivity can suffer nausea, anxiety, insomnia, irritability etc. after its consumption. Green tea is also not preferable to those who are consuming blood thinners and stimulant drugs. It is also suggested to avoid green tea or its supplements by a person having heart problems or high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, stomach ulcers, pregnant or breastfeeding woman, a person having kidney or liver problems.

Daily consumption of green tea is considered to be very beneficial to our health. There are different varieties of green tea available in the market but good quality is always preferable to take more advantage of it.

So, now you know what are health benefits of green tea. However, if you still have some more information to share, then you can provide your own “green tea reviews” by using the comment section below.

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