The iPhone X review. iPhone X features. What is iPhone X?

Apple Inc. has launched iPhone X (iPhone 10) on their 10th anniversary on September 12, 2017, and came out in the market on November 3, 2017. This is the latest model of iPhone with the most advanced redesigned iPhone version ever. For a reminder, iPhone is Apple Inc.’s series of smart-phone which is operated by the iOS mobile operating system and first launched in 2007.

Apple claims that iPhone X is their most innovative, advanced and progressive phone ever. It comes with very attractive looks and some of its features are even better. It is their first smart-phone featuring full-screen display.

iPhoneX review. What is iPhoneX? iPhoneX features.

You must be curious to know the review of this newly introduced iPhone X. So, let’s get little deeper into it:

Specifications of iPhone X:

  • New reinforced glass design with IP67 certification

  • 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, 179g

  • 5.8inch Super Retina resolution(2436×1125 pixel) OLED with edge-to-edge display

  • Storage of 64GB/256GB

  • Face ID to unlock and authenticate

  • Wireless charging support (Qi)

  • Apple A11 Bionic chip with Apple-designed GPU

  • iOS 11 having improved Siri

  • P2P payments

  • Vertical 12MP dual cameras with OIS, 7MP front-facing camera

  • Support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps

  • Battery life of 21 hours of talk time

iPhone X is available in both 64GB and 256GB configurations. It has Apple’s True Tone display tech which supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision Content. It is available in space grey and silver colors.

It is designed with completely new look having a glass back on rear panel colored very delicately and surgical grade stainless steel edge with elegantly rounded corners. So, the rear is made up of reinforced glass rather than ceramic metal as in iPhones’ previous designs.

iPhone X is built with the A11 Bionic chipset and 64-bit super efficient processor to support the huge power used by AR sensor and also to support the advanced graphical and overall performance of the phone as well as to support the power the extra pixel spread around the front of the phone. New three core GPU is up to 30 percent faster than A10 fusion. With its neural engine, iPhone X is capable of up to 600 billion operations per second.

Having all new six-core CPU (two low performance cores with up to 25 percent faster than A10 fusion and four high performance cores with 75 percent faster than A10 fusion), Face ID recognition technology instead of Touch ID, animated emojis termed as Animoji, AR Games and apps, wireless charging system, improved Siri on the lock button, extended battery life, better rear camera, bezel-less home button, water and dust resistant quality, HD OLED screen comes with more brighten and colorful overall effect.

iPhone X has a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels with the new Super Retina HD OLED display. It features the same main display but the bottom of the phone is redesigned only with home button instead of bezel meaning it has a bezel-less home button. Control center is also at the top right side of the screen. Its screen size is 5.8 inches wider and fuller screen with no physical home button.

It supports wireless charging standards (Qi), AirPower mat, AirPods and Apple Watch. Third-party charging accessories are acceptable in iPhone X. Wireless charging (Qi) is faster and battery life is also extended (2 hours more than iPhone 7 Plus) with a 10-nanometer manufacturing process. It does not support cable charging (PMA) method. Consumers need to buy additional special cable USB-C from for charging faster i.e. 50% within 30 minutes of zero battery.

The camera is vertically aligned, in landscape mode with a better sensor of surroundings and face with enhanced quality. It has the dual lens and 12 megapixels rear camera with dual optical image stabilization and fast lenses. It features 7 megapixels front camera supporting new portrait lighting mode with auto image stabilization exposure control which produces studio quality lighting effects. Video has 4K resolution movies at 60 fps and slow-motion video at 240 fps. There is an Animoji which helps to make you an animated emoji.

iPhone X is replaced with Face ID (facial recognition feature) instead of Touch ID in which the phone turns on when you show your face to the screen even in darkness. It responds to tap, user’s voice as well as on glance. It also adopts the physical changes in user’s appearance over the time. Apple claims that the chances of differing on this feature are minimal and rare as one in a million. And Apple has even set some software protections to secure your Face ID in which if you don’t look at the phone, it will not open. And if you squeeze the buttons on both edges of the iPhone, the Face ID function is automatically temporarily disabled.

Price for 64 GB basic model: $999/£999/AU$1579 and Price for 256 GB privilege model: $1149/£1,149/AU$1829.

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is also available for the handset with monthly payments starting at £56.45.

Pros and Cons of iPhone X:

There are mix reviews about this new iPhone X. Consumers are very happy with its elaborated screen size and rebuilt design. But some of its features are really bothering the mass. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of iPhone X as below.


  • Premium design and great screen of 5.8 inch Super Retina OLED Display, wider and better viewing angles with an edge to edge display supporting HDR content. Full HD OLED screen with all new screen shape and True Tone technology.

  • Enhanced quality front and back cameras with optical image stabilization featuring the telephoto lens and Portrait Lighting effects.

  • The battery performance is quite considerable and life after full charge is longer by two hours than the iPhone 7. The charge is faster i.e. 50% within 30 minutes of zero battery.

  • The size of the iPhone X is smaller than iPhone 8. So, it comes in more compact size with a lighter weight which makes it convenient iPhone model.

  • Water and dust proof quality.

  • High storage of 256 GB, a privilege model is available.

  • Better and faster AR effects ie. AR games or apps can be found on the iPhone through which users can experience the new digital world.

  • Animojis is animated emojis which mimic user’s facial expression using the TrueDepth camera. Users can also record their voice in these Animojis and send through messages.

  • Wireless charging by laying it on an inductive charging mat. Cable-free charging system.

  • Instant Face ID instead of the touch ID fingerprints security scanning system. Apple claims it to be the most solid security mechanism and error is one in a million. The TrueDepth camera is used by the device to detect user’s face and unlock the iPhone as well as to authenticate the payments for apps and purchases made in physicals stores.


  • Pricing of iPhone X being real sky-high with these mentioned features. Pricing is quoted based on the brand name rather than it’s newly adapted or advanced features. So, it is only for those who can afford high price for their phones and for others it is quite a costly affair.

  • iPhone X is not as attractive to the Android users as they have been already using many of its new features in other smart-phones. However, iPhone X can be a new test for the iPhone users who have been getting the same old design for years.

  • iPhone X is available in only two colors i.e space grew and silver. So people don’t have their choice of colors like gold or rose gold or white etc. in case of iPhone X.

  • iPhone X does not support cable charging (PMA) method so consumers don’t have a choice for both methods like in other smartphones.

  • Faster charging comes with the cost but not free ie. consumers need to buy additional special cable USB-C from for charging faster. Additional $49 for USB – C Power adapter and $25 for USB-C Lightening cable has to be paid. But this feature is free in other smart-phones. Wireless fast charging option also needs outputs at 7.5 watts.

  • Unlike other iPhones, iPhone X is available in single size only, so people have no choice of smaller size screen.

  • Missing of a very familiar physical home button and with no keys may create inconvenience to the iPhone users. New commands to operate the iPhone may not be easily learned or adopted by the users i.e. the apps need to be closed in a different way and different process is used to power off the iPhone X, swipe down to view the control center, swipe up to back to the Home screen and swipe and hold briefly to view all open apps etc. In short, the iPhone users must switch their iPhone using habit to this new concept which may take some time due to adjustments.

  • Replacement of camera at the top of the iPhone lip. A notch blocks the screen at the top of the front-facing camera. The notch isn’t a real trouble, but most apps aren’t yet optimized for it.

  • Quality of cameras is very good but not as perfect as it is said to be a market leading. It’s Portrait Mode is good but Portrait Lighting isn’t fully baked yet.

  • Touch ID replaced with Face ID incorporated into the phone creating doubt on the security of the phone. Besides, that users might need some time to get familiar with this new security system.

  • The accuracy of the Face ID recognition is another issue because it is yet to be tested for long. Accuracy also in terms of the appearance of users that changes over time.

  • Durability is yet another issue due to having a glass back on the rear panel which may need extra effort to protect it from damage. Metal rim which can get scratch without a case.

  • The price of iPhone 8 is better than that of iPhone X with almost same functionally. So, iPhone 8 may be the better option with improved dual cameras, wireless charging and with the same A11 Bionic processor in $200 less cost.


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