What is Integrity ESA? Is IntegrityESA a Scam or a Legit?

Integrity ESA Review

Integrity ESA is an events, shopping, and advertising revenue sharing company which offers their members to earn money by promoting their products as well as by viewing cash links or purchasing adpacks and so on, in which the members can earn 5% of the product sales amount which they make from their reference and the revenue from the adpacks they purchase.

Integrity ESA official website link:- IntegrityESA.com

Launch Time: October 2017

Owner: Sunil C Patel, United Kingdom

IntegrityESA reviews. Integrity ESA complaints. Integrity ESA scam or or not?

What is IntegrityESA.com and how it operates?

The one part of the IntegrityESA’s business is E-Commerce store which includes the features like Integrity Shopping (which has been already launched but hasn’t too many products at the moment) and other features which are under plan are Nutritional Food and Vitamins, E-Commerce Shopping, Property Purchasing Service, Entrepreneur Training Events WorldWide and so on. However, another part of its business which has been already launched is advertising revenue sharing business which has been failed most of the times. Most of those companies like Traffic Monsoon, FortAdPays, TrafficHurricanPlus, My24HourIncome, MyPayingAds etc. which had such advertising revenue sharing business model were already proven to be scams because revenue sharing by selling the advertising products and services is not really a long-term sustainable business concept. So if this company won’t launch its other features or fails to expand its E-Commerce business, then its long duration existence is doubtful. So, we need to see how this company can manage and make the profit to share its members the committed advertising revenue.

If you join this company and look over the details, at the moment you can find that most of their business strategies are similar to the company Traffic Monsoon which is still suffering legal issues and have pending court case from more than a year now. The owner of this company was also working in TrafficMonsoon earlier and he had shown a high level of patience in this case because not only him but a huge mass had gone with their money in that company. Besides providing support to that company and motivating other affiliates to bear the patience until the case to be finalized, he was also deceived by some of the members of that company. So we hope that this incident had already taught him lots of lessons and he does not have any intention to repeat the same with other people. But we have no clue on why he adopts this business modality for his own online business company though having an unpleasant experience with the consequences of such business model. Anyway, still he adds new features to his company and that is E-Commerce store which may help to make his company a sustainable one.

The owner of IntegrityESA is a long time online affiliate marketer who possesses very good knowledge of this online money making business. Since he has his own experience in this business, now he has started his own online company Integrity ESA with e-commerce plus advertising revenue sharing business model. What is notable here is that he himself has lost the handsome amount of money in this type of advertising revenue sharing companies. So, we are very hopeful that he will do more justice to his own company by introducing something innovative and effective business strategies and features to make this company more liable and sustainable in the market. What we think is he may not repeat the same mistakes that other similar types of companies have done in the past.

What we finally say?

Moreover, with all the above-mentioned facts, we must also take into account that Integrity ESA is newly launched in the market with a new concept of joining E-Commerce store with advertising revenue sharing model, so any early pessimistic predictions about this company may not be that much justifiable at this point of time. This company holds both the possibilities, they may turn into a legit company introducing some fantastic features or may also turn into a complete scam if they will run the company only with the existing inappropriate business strategy. So the chances of being legit or scam are equal in the case of IntegrityESA.

We have also observed the common pattern in the online business industry that this type of company generally pays you the money they have committed in their initial phase or until they can carry the financial burden but later close down mostly with some legal issues or financially destroyed. So, from our side, we don’t recommend companies like IntegrityESA.

So, now you are clear about what is IntegrityESA through our IntegrityESA.com review as above. However, if you still have some more information to share, then you can provide your own Integrity ESA reviews or report something about Integrity ESA by using the comment section below.

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