What is IDGAF? IDGAF Meaning. What does IDGAF mean?

Here we are going to describe what IDGAF means, a meaning of IDGAF, an acronym of IDGAF, a definition IDGAF, an abbreviation of IDGAF from which you will get to know the IDGAF text meaning, the IDGAF definition, the IDGAF acronym, the IDGAF abbreviation and how this slang word IDGAF is used in our conversations.

Can you guess the meaning of IDGAF from the picture below? Well, it is hard to guess, isn’t it? OK then, let’s figure out the meaning of IDGAF as below.

Define IDGAF. Meaning IDGAF. What does IDGAF mean texting? IDGAF def. IDGAF slang meaning.

So, then what is IDGAF? For what does IDGAF stand?

The slang word IDGAF stands for the short form of “I Don’t Give A F*ck”.

IDGAF abbreviation is used while texting, chatting, messaging, social media posting and emailing when someone gets annoyed by the other on something and that matter is not at all important to him or her. So, IDGAF is used when you don’t care about or you don’t have any interest in that matter.

So, IDGAF is basically an expression of your mindset towards something you don’t have any opinion about. And IDGAF is also used to stop the conversation about the matter you don’t want to further talk about.

How is IDGAF used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word IDGAF is used in the conversations are:

A: She was talking about you last night.

B: IDGAF. I don’t want to look back now.


A: Don’t say that, someone will get hurt.

B: IDGAF. He deserves that.


X: IDGAF about your relationship with her now.

Y: come on dude….IDGAF to her too.


A: hey hey hey, IDGAF about that. So just chill babe.


X: I saw your girlfriend with someone else in a party last night.

Y: IDGAF…I already left her dude.

And so on.

What do you think? Why did people start using abbreviate words in their conversations?

Today’s generation feels more comfortable using the abbreviate words as they are easy to type in their devices like mobile, iPad, Laptop and so on. They are getting more addicted to the internet and nothing seems possible without it to them. They spent most of their time on the internet for different purposes. So, these types of slang words are easy for them to type and understand in internet conversations. They also feel updated and trendy using these slang words.

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