How Many Calories in Eggs? Is Egg Good for Health?

How many calories in an egg depends upon the size of the egg as well as cooking method that is used. So, following are the various calories content according to the different types of eggs:-

How many calories in egg? How many calories in egg whites? Nutritional benefits eggs.

How many calories in one egg?

A medium sized egg contains about 70 calories which may slightly vary depending upon the size of the egg. And one Jumbo egg contains about 90 calories.

How many calories in egg yolk?

Egg yolk contains about 75% of calories of one whole egg.

How many calories in an egg white?

Egg white contains about 25% of calories of one whole egg. Means medium sized egg which have 70 calories, 75% of that calories, means 52.5 calories will be in egg yolk and 25%, means 17.5 calories will be in egg white.

How many calories in a boiled egg?

Hard boiled egg of one medium size: 72 Calories

How many calories are scrambled eggs?

Fried or scrambled egg of one medium size: 90-95 Calories

Scrambled egg (with milk) of one medium size: 100 plus Calories

How many calories in poached eggs?

Poached egg of one medium size: 80 plus Calories

So, are eggs good for your health? The health benefit of egg:-

Eggs are considered to be a very high source of nutrition a human body needs. Especially chicken and duck eggs are very popular. Eggs can be consumed in varieties of ways i.e. can be eaten raw like boiled, half boiled, semi cooked or omelet etc. or can be mixed with other ingredients like bacon, sausage, cakes, ice-cream, salads, vegetables or bakery items etc. This is a high nutrition food packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. Eggs are rich sources of protein, fats, minerals i.e. selenium, calcium, iodine, and phosphorous, omega-3, choline, cholesterol, vitamin B i.e. B-2 (riboflavin) and B-12, A, D and E with very less Carbohydrate (less than one gram).  Eggs are also packed with lecithin which has the ability to dissolve cholesterol and other fats of human body.

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