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Sinus headache is caused usually because of sinus infection or allergic reaction on the air filled spaces inside your forehead, chick bones and just behind the bridge of your nose (nasal bones) which create mucus and drains into the nose. When they get infected, you will feel dizziness and pain in your forehead, cheekbones and bridge of your nose or in all of them due to the pressure created in your sinuses which will cause sinus blockage. You may have a running or stuffy nose, ars congestion, cough, swelling in your face with pain and sometimes with fever. This medical condition is termed as sinusitis.

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Sinus pain may last for weeks or even months. If you have a chronic sinusitis then your pain may last for very long time also. Medical help is always preferable to cure your pain if you have a continue pain and cannot be controlled by any counter help. Natural remedies are also considered to be very helpful in relieving the sinus pain.

So, how to relieve a sinus headache naturally?

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We have presented here some effective home remedies or let’s say natural remedies for sinus headaches to relief your sinus pain:

  • Stay Hydrated: If you have a sinusitis, then you must intake plenty of water to keep your body hydrated which help sinuses to get moist.

  • Stay away from alcoholic and caffeinated drinks: People with sinusitis shall stay away from such drinks because such drinks can cause dehydration in your body.

  • Hot water steam: Whenever you feel a pain, just take a hot water steam over your face or a hot water bath can also be equally beneficial. This will help to keep your nasal tissues moist and in clearing the sinus blockage. You can add some drops of menthol or mint in your steam.

  • Warm compress: A warm compress can help to relieve sinus pain. Three minutes hot compress and thirty seconds of cold compress daily four five times is really helpful.

  • Hot soup can help: Try to include hot soup, especially chicken soup in your daily diet. This can help in clearing congestion problem.

  • Hot tea can help: Hot tea with honey and lemon or honey only, ginger tea, garlic tea, skullcap tea can help in sinus blockage. Green Tea can also be a great help.

  • Add spice in your foods: You can add some hot spices in your daily meal which can help to open nasal passages and clear sinuses.

  • Horseradish can help:

    Horseradish can help Sinus pain relief | De Reviews

    Horseradish helps to open the sinus passages so that you can feel relief from sinus pain.

  • Stay away from allergic symptoms: We already mentioned that allergic reaction is one of the crucial causes of sinus pain. So, you must try to stay away from these allergic reactions. Keep your surrounding allergy proof.

  • Humidifier can help: You can use a clean humidifier (device for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room) in dry season to keep your living area or space moist in about thirty five to fifty percent humidity.

  • Herbs can help: Some herbs like mint, magnolia flower, angelica may help in sinusitis.

    magnolia flower can help to relief sinus pain | De Reviews
    Magnolia Flower
    Mint leaves can help to reduce Sinus pain | De Reviews
    Mint Leaves

  • Bromelain can help: Bromelain (protein extract derived from the stems of pineapples, source: Wikipedia) is a supplement used in treating swelling, reducing inflammation from infection and injuries. So it is very useful in sinus pain as it reduce cough and nasal mucus. (take medical consultancy before use).

Above you find some tips to relieve sinus headache naturally. However if you know more about how to relief sinus headache naturally, then please feel free to share with us using our comment section as below.

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