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If you are looking for what does Hoe mean, the meaning of Hoe, then your search ends here because here we are going to provide you the Hoe slang meaning, the Hoe definition as well as how this word is used in internet communications or daily conversations.

Can you guess one of the top meanings of the word Hoe, from the picture shown below? Anyways let’s start our detail review on the slang word Hoe, as below.

Definition Hoe, Meaning Hoe

So, then what is Hoe,?

The slang word Hoe mostly used for a woman or a girl who easily hook up with everyone and is easily involved in s*xual activities or easily can sleep with anyone anytime anywhere. Hoe is also used to refer a female who is involved in prostitution. Besides, Hoe is used for a man who is too much available to have s*x with everyone. Or, Hoe is a person who generally gets involved in a s*xual relationship with anyone for money or pleasure.

A word Hoe is actually an agricultural tool or a farming/gardening tool like a rake which is used for plowing or plantation or cultivation but nowadays this word is wrongly used for prostitutes. In fact, Ho is used to refer “who*e or sl*t” but now people use Hoe instead of Ho.

Another meaning of the word Hoe is “ho ho” which is mistakenly pronounced as hoe.

The word HOE also refers the exact time 3:04 in a digital clock.

How HOE is used in internet conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word HOE is used over the conversations are:

Boy 1: I slept with that hoe last night!!!

Boy 2: That sl*t is mine now!!!


A: Can I borrow your Hoe for today? Need to plant some flowers in my garden.

B: Sure but it’s little muddy as I was also plating some seeds yesterday.


A: Did you hook up with that hoe?

B: No man, I slept with that hoe!!!


Girl 1: Is Sam a hoe?

Girl 2: Ya


Mum: What time is it honey?

Daughter: It’s Hoe ma!

Mum: Really!!!

And so on.

So, the word HOE has multiple meaning as stated above and can be used to specify different terms as given in the above examples.

What do you think? Why do people use the slang words?

Actually, today’s generations feel more comfortable and trendy using these types of slang words. Especially youngsters use slang words in order to show themselves cool and stylish. But nowadays, slang words are used almost everywhere.

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