What is FBO? FBO Meaning. What does FBO Mean?

If you are looking for the exact meaning of FBO, the definition of FBO, the acronym of FBO, the abbreviation of FBO, then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to provide you the FBO slang meaning, the FBO definition, the FBO acronym, the FBO abbreviation so that you can find out whatFBO means.

So, then what is FBO? For what does FBO stand?

FBO stands for “Facebook Official”. Many people who use FBO, most of the time they refer to say it’s in Facebook profile or in a Facebook wall to be public. So, the definition of FBO is “Facebook Official”.

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When someone talking about something and said it’s FBO, then the other get the message that the matter they are talking about appears on the Facebook wall and that is supposed to be believed or understand. So FBO is used to make other believe in the event they are talking about.

For examples:-

Do you know John is getting divorced? He’s made it FBO.

Jenny decided to leave her job, she’s made it FBO.

Piter and Emma got married, they have made their relationship FBO.

They are pretty sure to carry on their relationship, it’s FBO.

Don’t you know they are in a relationship? Ooohh man it’s FBO.

I think she likes you man, it’s FBO!!!Duh.

So, basically here a person is trying to convince the other to believe what he/she is saying using the slang word FBO to make sure that what he/she saying is based on a Facebook official.

This happens with young generation nowadays where they believe or perceive something only if it appears in a Facebook status. And if anything they see on Facebook, then it’s for sure that is happening because now it’s public and everyone got to know this. Aaaahhh what an era has come!!!!!

Now, are you thinking why did people start using the short forms instead of full forms of the words?

As the internet era has come, people are so advanced that they want everything in their fingertip and they also want others to understand their whole story in a minute or less. That’s why these short forms of words are so much in use these days. Actually, it saves their time while texting or messaging to their near and dear ones. Besides, today’s people feel comfortable using the short form of words because it is easy to type such words in their devices like laptop, mobile, tablets and so on. And some of the slang words are even pronounced on a day to day conversations i.e. OMG, BAE, LOL, DC, DUNNO, HEYY, FAMS etc.

Well, now you know the meaning of FBO. So, if you want to say something about it, then you can share your views using our comment section as below.

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