What is EVS? EVS Meaning. What does EVS Mean?

If you are looking for what EVS means, the meaning of EVS, the acronym of EVS, the definition of EVS, the abbreviation of EVS, then your search ends here because here we are going to provide you the EVS slang meaning, the EVS acronym, the EVS definition, the EVS abbreviation as well as how this word is used in the conversations.

So, then what is EVS? For what does EVS stand?

The slang word EVS stands for the short form of “Whatever” or “Whatsoever”. Pronounced “eh-vss”. EVS is an Australian based acronym which is used as contempt remarks or suggestions to say “no matter what”, “whatsoever”, “whatever”.

However, there are still other meanings of EVS which you can find below.

Define EVS. Meaning EVS. Definition EVS.

How is EVS used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word EVS is used over the conversations are:

A: I am sorry for yesterday…I didn’t mean to hurt you.

B: Oh really?? EVS….


Girl 1: Why don’t you understand he is just using you?

Girl 2: I love him so it doesn’t matter…EVS!


Mom: Why don’t you get married and settle down now?

Daughter: Mommmm….EVS!

And so on.

Other meanings of EVS

EVS is also the short form of “evidently” which means “obviously”. For example:-

A: You looking so pretty today.

B: EVS…coz I am wearing this gown!!!!

EVS is also the acronym for “East Village Special” which is a bed-head pseudo-70’s style haircut of hipsters in NYC’s East Village, L.E.S and other parts of NY. For example:-

A: Elton’s haircut is just EVS!!!

B: Getting hipster or what?

EVS also means “Empty V*gina Syndrome”.

EVS also stands for an American motocross safety equipment company – EVS Sports.

EVS also stands for an Australian life philosophy which goes for live your life by……This gap can be filled with the norms to live the life fully with self-contentment and positivity like there is a saying “where is a time to hate when there is so little time to love.” So, EVS goes for living your life the way you want and enjoy every moment of your life. For example:-

A: I cannot imagine my life without her…how can I let her go?

B: Just EVS man! There’s a long way to go!

So, the slang EVS has multiple meanings and can be used to specify the different terms as above.

What do you think? Why do people use the short forms of words?

Actually, today’s generation feels more comfortable and trendy using these types of slang words as these are easy and fast to type from the devices like mobile, laptop, tablets and so on in which slang words are more practical. Especially youngsters use the slang words in order to show themselves cool and stylish. But nowadays, slang words are used almost everywhere.

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