EtcyDecor Scam or Legit? Genuine? EtcyDecor Review

Below is the detailed information about EtcyDecor online store which will tell you the reality that whether is an EtcyDecor .com scam or a trustworthy company. So, let’s get straight to the answer from the EtcyDecor review below.

Website Highlights:

  • Domain name - Etcydecor .com
  • Website name: ECHO DECOR
  • Website Registration Date As Per WHOIS: 2022-04-22
  • Email: info@etcydecor .com
  • Parent Company Name: Supic Company Limited
  • Product Categories Available On Its Website: Decor Light, Indoor Framed Sign, Door Sign, Metal Sculpture Art, Wind Chime, etc.
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Halloween Colored lights Christmas Tree-Handcrafted and Hand Painted, Colored lights Ceramic Christmas Tree-Handcrafted and Hand Painted, Christmas Ribbon Fairy Lights, Christmas Window Hanging Lights, Crystal Christmas Tree Decor Lights, Drawstrings Gift Bags, Holiday Wine Bottle & Glass Holders, Expressive Pumpkin, Snowman Porch Light Covers, Christmas/Halloween Car Wiper Sticker, etc.
  • Social media Presence:  Social media icon linked to its own social media page is not available.
  • Delivery time as mentioned on its Shipping Policy: 15-20 business days
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What is EtcyDecor .com?

It is an online shopping store which is claiming to sell various products as listed above. However, there are so many things you must know about this online store before choosing it as your shopping destination.

EtcyDecor is believed to be one of the doubtful sites because of the following reasons:

Different Website and Domain Names:

Its domain name i.e. EtcyDecor .com and website name i.e. Echo Decor are different, whereas legit websites don’t do such blunders. Instead of its domain name, it has mentioned the same website name on its policy pages, which occurs mostly due to copy-paste error.

Company Address:

Its parent company name "Supic Company Limited", which is provided on its TERMS OF SERVICE page, is found to be used by multiple problematic sites such as Yoflos, Ssjug, Kqtare, Troglye, Zvcfhy, Wafully, OsnakrShop, Onecentss, Preferentialls, Teveify, Gpmsign, Boxssale, Qdbakg, GraceDecors, UiernStore, Aritudeo, Suportier, Evfactue, Nterable, Gardenser, Helarous, Emmascanada, Galactior, Zzaday, Tartepl, Easyfabu, Catsish, Tomee, Toponeau, Vvigirls, Socialsad, Teesbruder, Pinklaura, LifeLiveCenter, etc. So it is clear that this site is trying to hide the information, hence we shall not trust such a company for our online shopping.

At the time of this review, it has provided its parent companies' names RTIMES LIMITED and Supic Company Limited, however, in the future it may change its parent company name and address since similar types of sites did change their parent company names and addresses in the past.

Discount and Sales offers:

It has listed lots of products on sale with heavy discount claims. Mostly scam sites are found to be offering such kind of discounts to attract people into their scam.

Copied content:

The website theme and lots of other details provided on its website match with multiple problematic sites.

Returns and Exchange:

Its Return and Refund Policy is found to be very unrealistic to offer any kind of return and exchange of items to its customers. We have found this kind of online store hardly make any returns and exchanges in any conditions. So, it is almost impossible to get the full or even a partial payment back from these kinds of online stores due to their confusing returning and/or exchanging provisions.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

The delivery time, customer support as well as the after sales services of these kinds of online stores are claimed to be very poor as per the complaints received from the buyers of similar kinds of online stores.

Our Final Verdict:

As per the above stated facts, we can draw the conclusion that EtcyDecor is one of the suspicious websites.

You can find the lots of suspicious sites listed within our “Suspicious” category by clicking >HERE< or you can find about various kinds of scams by scrolling within our “Scams” category by clicking >HERE< or you can navigate our website through our home page to find out the several interesting and knowledgeable articles under different categories by clicking >HERE<.

If you want to say something about this company, then please feel free to place your comment below. Also feel free to share this review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to make them aware of this online store.

These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on huge discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Good Luck !

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  1. I made a purchase online December 19, 2022 and can't seem to ever catch a human to talk to. Multiple attempts for days. Noticed my bank account was charged a international fee also. They already took my money and have no idea if i'll get my purchase or if i should call the credit union and report it as fraud charge.

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