What is EarlyPayJob.com? Is EarlyPayJob a Scam?

Early Pay Job review

EarlyPayJob is yet another company which claims to pay on getting a click on the referral links. They offer to pay money in completing such simple tasks for which affiliates need to copy and paste their referral link in various social media and other websites to get the clicks. The membership of this website is free.

What EarlyPayJob.com offers?

EarlyPayJob claims to pay $10 for each click the affiliates get on their referral link from social media like Facebook. We all know that anyone can promote their website link in Facebook at $1 for each 25 to 50 clicks. So, why this company is paying $10 only for the click? It’s very apparent that this site is just using their affiliates to advertise their website in social media for free. Because the more people they can attract to their website, more they can earn from them. Once the people join their website for free, they can take out money from them using various techniques. The company can show the advertisements to them and can make money or they can assign offers to the affiliates for which they can ask for money and so on.

Why is EarlyPayJob.com a scam company?

There is no doubt that EarlyPayJob is completely a scam company with bogus and nonsense claims. So, Let’s dig out the major facts of this company.

EarlyPayJob is opened by the same group of a scammer who used to scam people with different scam websites. All these websites they have opened or run looks exactly similar to each other and only the difference is their domain name. Besides, they always open such websites without providing the details of the websites’ owner and real address. It’s because they want to continue scamming people so that no one can identify them and take action against them. Their intention is just to earn money from people and shut down the website after collecting the relatively huge amount of money from them. When you confirm these websites have no details of their owner and the company real address and when you get no information about them in WHOIS details, then be sure that they are certainly a scammer.

Another fact is that this company is making fake claims about the payment they have done to their affiliates. But all these claims are baseless and nonsense without any evidence. Rather you can find so many complaints about their non-payments in the forums made by their affiliates. They said that when they requested for payment after reaching the cash-out limit, the company will not pay but ask them to complete the additional task for which the affiliates need to pay the money to the company in advance from their own pocket. And when they complete the given tasks, then also the company did not pay them. So, this company is just trying to lure more and more people into their website so that they can make money from them.

Not only that but this company also sells their affiliates’ personal details i.e. their email address, payment processor details, credit card details etc., to the third parties in order to make money.

Some more information:

The same group of scammer continues to open new websites keeping the website details, themes, business model and everything else exactly similar except the website domain name to be different in order to scam people. This scammer group always uses five types of website themes for all of their scam websites i.e. the website themes of DollarTell.com or EarlyJobPay.com or PokeLazy.com or DollarJob.Site or DollarinPocket. So, if you find any websites which use similar themes like the above-mentioned ones, then be sure that such websites are the absolute scam and run by the same group of a scammer.

Some of the scam sites which we found belongs to the same group of scammer are MyPayPot, SuperJobs, MyPayStuff, EarningHabit, DollarsTeller, NightJobOnline, WeeklyFixPay, BucksTip, DollarJobSite, BucksTip, DutyKid, DutySet, WeeklyYouthPay, DollarsPlug, DollarJobOnline, DollarInPocket, DollarSaw, DutySpace, DutyTrend, DollarsJet, PayChair,  and many more. Many of these sites were already closed after scamming people and many of them are still running. And this series of scamming will continue until people do not bother to find out the truth or any authority willing to take the actions against them.

What is our final verdict?

There is no second thought that EarlyPayJob.com is a scam site opened and run by the same group of a scammer who has been involved in scamming people for a very long time. They use people to make money out of them and throw them in the trash after completing their mission. So, just stay away from these types of scam companies and make a wise decision to protect you from such jerks especially the newbies who easily get attracted in their bogus claims and offers.

Before joining any online company, find out some details about the company like who is running the company or their WHOIS details, what is the owner’s past history, how they are earning to make payment, do they have any real products or not, what is their real source of earning, what is their registration details, what market is saying about them etc. As we say “Information is Power”, collect as much information as you can before selecting any company for your online work.

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