What is Duty Revo? Is DutyRevo.com a Scam?

DutyRevo.com Review

DutyRevo is a company which claims to pay their members on getting the clicks in their referral links which they get from various social media like Facebook and other websites by sharing such links in there. The website offers free membership to the people.

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What is DutyRevo.com and what DutyRevo.com offers to their members?

It offers to pay $10 to the affiliates for every click they receive in their referral link by sharing such links on social media and other websites. Since this company is offering such bogus schemes without having any real source of income or any real products to sell, we are sure that they cannot sustain for long in the market. Only for getting a click, if they start to pay $10, then how can they face the financial burden they are going to have?

Not only that but they are completely using their affiliates to advertise their website on other platforms for free of cost and the affiliates just remain empty hand at the end of the day. They are doing this to lure more people to their website so that they can make more and more money from them. This company displays commercial ads on their website and thus can make money by showing such ads to their affiliates. This company is also making money by selling their affiliates’ personal details i.e. email address, payment processor details, credit card details etc., to the third parties.

Why is DutyRevo a scam company?

It is a scam company and so opened with no information about their owner and the company address or registration details neither on their official website nor in WHOIS details. And we know that if a company is legit, then they will never hide their identity to the public. If you check their website or WHOIS details, you can find that they are registered in the same manner as other scamming sites are.

Besides, they have shown the huge amount of payment claims made by them to their affiliates. But be sure all of those claims are just fake to show that they are a legit company and entice more people in their website. But the fact is when the affiliates request for the payment after reaching the cash-out limit, they avoid the payment by assigning more tasks to them. And even when affiliates complete such task by paying out money from their own pocket, then also company still not make any payment to their affiliates.

Moreover, this company belongs to the same group of a scammer who is scamming people with the similar pattern through various websites. They continue to open such websites keeping the website details, themes, business model, the scamming pattern and everything else exactly similar and the only difference is their websites’ domain names so that people can be confused and cannot identify them. They have five types of website themes for all of their scam websites i.e. the website theme which looks like either DollarTell.com or EarlyPayJob.com or PokeLazy.com or DollarJob.Site or DollarinPocket.com. So, if any websites have such similar themes, there is no doubt that such websites are opened and run by the same group of a scammer with the aim to cheat people.

Some of the scam sites which belongs to the same group of scammer are DollarTell, PokeLazy, JobTaka, CashEast, EaryPayJob, DollarsJet, DutyKid, MyPayPot, SuperJobs, MyPayStuff, EarningHabit, DollarsTeller, NightJobOnline, WeeklyFixPay, BucksTip, DollarJobSite, BucksTip, DutySet, WeeklyYouthPay, DollarSaw, DollarsPlug, DutySpace, DutyTrend, PayChair and so on. Many of these sites have already closed after scamming people and many of them are still running in order to scam people. It seems like this series of scamming do not stop here until people don’t bother to be aware of their online job selection or unless the concerned authorities seriously take steps against them.

What is our final verdict?

We are very clear with the fact that it is completely a scam website that belongs to the same group of a scammer who has been involved in scamming people for a very long time. They do not leave any chance to use people and take out money from them. So, we recommend you not to select this company for your online work as you will be 100% cheated by them at the end.

Before joining any online work company, find out some details about that company like who is running the company, check out their WHOIS details, how they are earning money to make a payment, do they have any real products or not, what is the market response towards them etc. As we say “Information is Power”, collect as much information as you can before selecting any company for your online work. The newbies who are their actual target must try to be well informed before joining any online work company because they can easily fall for such bogus schemes.

So, now you are clear about what is DutyRevo and why is Duty Revo a scam through our DutyRevo review as above.

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