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Here we are going to tell you about what DON means, the meaning of DON, the definition of Don, the abbreviation of DON, the acronym of DON from which you will get to know the DON meaning, the DON definition, the DON acronym, the DON abbreviation and how this word DON is used in the conversations.

So, then what is DON? For what does DON stand?

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The term DON was actually originated from the first name of “Don Vito Corleone” of the Corleone crime family “The Godfather”. So, the meaning of the word DON is a “Mafia Boss” meaning a leader of the crime family or gang.

Another top meaning of the word DON stands for “Top Man or Best Man or Bossy Man or Powerful Man or Genius Man or Nicest Man or Hottest Man or Coolest Man or Handsome Hunk, etc.” who holds a significant presence in someone’s life or in the family/group. The word DON is used to indicate a bad or an awesome man.

DON also refers to that man who looks good and has power pack energy in bed to please women. Some women called such man a DON.

Don is also used to express the excitement over something.

Don also goes for ditching or avoiding someone for something.

The abbreviation Don also indicates the love of someone’s life.

Don also refers to such person who has a bad or short temper or acts maliciously or stupidly or gets offensive.

The word DON is the short form of expensive Champagne called “Dom Perignon.”.

People also use this word Don’s or Dons as the short form of McDonald’s or McDonald.

To your best knowledge, Don is also another word for washroom or toilet or bathroom. Likewise, it is also another word for cigarette.

What does DON mean Spanish? – Spanish meaning of DON is Mr.; Sir: a Spanish title prefixed to a man’s given name and also a lord or a gentleman.

Now maybe you want to know what does DON mean Italian? Don is an Italian title of address, especially for a priest.

However, there are several other meanings of the slang word DON which is used as per the context of the conversation.

How is DON used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the acronym DON is used in the conversations are:

A: Dude your bro is a DON!!! He rocks!!!

B: Ya man he is a champ!!!


Boy 1: Your father is a genius man!!!

Boy 2: Ya dude. He is a DON.


Boy: So shall I come to your home?

Girl: No never. My dad is a DON. I can’t take a risk.


Woman 1: My hubby is a DON in my family.

Woman 2: I can see that. He is very bossy and powerful.


Boy 1: Don’t mess with that guy. He is a Don of some criminal group.

Boy 2: A gangster, really??? That’s why he was trying to provoke me into fighting.

Boy 1: Yup…his crime list is rising each day. So just stay away with him.


Girl 1: Are you with Mack last night?

Girl 2: Ya…he is a DON. I just love to spend my night with him.


X: Don man!!! I finally proposed her!!!

Y: Ohhh great!!!


A: Why didn’t you don me on last night party?

B: ………next time I guess!!!


Girl 1: I think I have found my Don. He loves me a lot.

Girl 2: How romantic!!!


Boy 1: Dude your dad always gets Don on me. So, I am not coming to your home.

Boy 2: Ya man….he is a real Don.


A: What will you like to have?

B: I will go for a bottle of DON!!!

And so on.

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