Did Pennsylvania Rescind Votes? Are The News About Real Clear Politics Fake or Real? Let’s Check The Facts

You must be here because you were searching about the reality of rumors and news that are claiming RealClearPolitics rescind Pennsylvania call, right? Well then, through this post, you can take a part in a discussion about these rumors using the comment section below. Well, we think it is a rumor, let’s find out why.

Did Pennsylvania Rescind Votes Are The News About RealClearPolitics RCP Scam or Legitnbsp| DeReviews

When Republicans heard the news about RealClearPolitics (RCP) rescind Pennsylvania call, then they started to share this information massively on social media sites due to which some people start to believe it is true while others are confused but in reality, it turns out to be fake information.

Tom Bevan, the Co-Founder & President of RealClearPolitics, confirmed via his official Twitter page that RealClearPolitics never rescind any Pennsylvanian votes. He said “This is false. We never called Pennsylvania, and nothing has changed.” So, RCP didn’t even call for any of the candidates in this state. And it’s not only Pennsylvania but also in few other states.

So, it looks like a conspiracy theory only. You should know that it is bad to build news and conspiracy theories like that. It looks like someone is trying to plant the idea on people’s heads that democrats are losing this election since their votes were rescinded. You should not follow such claims unless if Court says something about it. Otherwise, only going after other’s saying gives no result at all and will just waste your valuable time. So, what do you think about it? Where did you hear the news about Pennsylvania rescinding votes? Please feel free to write in the comment below.

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