What is Covidiot? Covidiot Meaning. What Covidiot Means?

If you are looking for what does Covidiot mean, the meaning of Covidiot, the acronym of Covidiot, the definition of Covidiot, the abbreviation of Covidiot, then you are in the right platform because here we are going to provide you the Covidiot slang meaning, the Covidiot definition, the Covidiot acronym, the Covidiot abbreviation as well as how this acronym Covidiot is used over the conversations.

So, then what is Covidiot? For what does Covidiot stand?

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The slang word Covidiot stands for the short version of “Coronavirus Idiot” or “COVID-19 Idiot” which is used in the conversations to represent a stupid person who doesn’t respect other people during a Coronavirus pandemic and who stubbornly ignores safety precautions that should be taken to stop spreading COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This word is made after Coronavirus pandemic to represent those persons who are doing everything that they should not do in the Coronavirus Pandemic situation such as:

  • Ignoring social distancing protocol.
  • Not staying at home and traveling around unnecessarily without an emergency work in the time of Coronavirus pandemic and risking himself/herself as well as his/her loved ones and the whole society.
  • Purchasing and storing lots of unnecessary items in the fear of Coronavirus pandemic such as purchasing 300 toilet paper rolls which won’t help him/her to survive if he/she runs out of food in a Coronavirus lockdown situation.
  • and so on.

So, the abbreviation Covidiot simply represents the combinations of two words and those are “COVID-19 and Idiot” or “Coronavirus and Idiot”.

How is the word Covidiot used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the word Covidiot is used over the conversations are:

A: I want to go around, feeling bore in the home due to this lockdown.

B: How can you? Don’t be such a covidiot.


A: See, that guy is purchasing tons of toilet paper rolls instead of purchasing some food to store for a lockdown situation.

B: Yeah. What a covidiot.


A: Hey man, let’s go somewhere tonight. Let’s chill.

B: Are you a covidiot? Don’t you know it is a lockdown? Actually, you should stay in a home for your own safety and your loved ones.


A: Have you seen that post? They said they have found the treatment for Coronavirus.

B: Don’t be a covidiot. That is a fake post. You should not follow such posts posted by covidiot spammers and should follow WHO, BBC, CNN and so on.


A: Hey, hand sanitizer is on stock on that website. You should also purchase it there.

B: That is a scam website made by some biggest covidiot scammer. You should know that there are lots of Coronavirus scam sites these days. So, you should only shop at renowned and known online stores only.

And so on.

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Please guys, don’t be a Covidiot. Follow the guidance given by WHO, government and other concerned authorities. Coronavirus is not a joke. It is impacting everywhere very seriously. So, maintain hygiene properly. Wash hand frequently. Don’t touch your face with your hand. Try to stay at home and only travel if there is an emergency.

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