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The iPhone X review. iPhone X features. What is iPhone X?

iPhoneX review. What is iPhoneX? iPhoneX features.

Apple Inc. has launched iPhone X (iPhone 10) on their 10th anniversary on September 12, 2017, and came out in the market on November 3, 2017. This is the latest model of iPhone with the most advanced redesigned iPhone version ever. For a reminder, iPhone is Apple Inc.’s series of smart-phone which is operated by the iOS mobile operating system and first launched in 2007. Read More

What is CP Plus? CP Plus Review. CP Plus Camera Review

CP Plus DVR. CP Plus World. What is CPPlus camera?

What is CP Plus Camera?

CP PLUS Cameras are one of those securities solutions offered by the CP PLUS like CCTV Camera – High Definition Surveillance Cameras and IP Surveillance Cameras i.e. Analog HD Camera, Speed Dome Camera (PTZ), Network Camera, Network Video Recorder (NVR), Mobile Surveillance, Video Door Phones, Biometric Access Control, Door Lock etc. Read More

What is Electronic and Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller reviews.

Do Electronic Pest Repellers really work? What is Electric Pest Repellent (EPR)? Electronic Pest Repeller reviews.

EPR, also known as Electronic Pest Control is claimed to be the insect or rodents eliminating electrically powered device. There are different types of EPR available in several brands in the market with different signal intensity, price, and frequency. EPR is a small device which is plugged into electric receptacle outlets. Unlike any other chemical pesticides, EPR does not require any chemical, poisons, gases etc. to repel or control the pests. But all the claimed efficacies of EPR are not demonstrated by scientifically proven evidence. So, except the testimonial data, EPR manufacturing companies do not provide any scientific research data for their so claimed efficacy of such devices. And in 2001, U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also warned manufacturers and retailers to support the claims of EPR efficacy by scientific data. Read More

When will iPhone 8 be released?

When iPhone 8 will be released

Apple Inc. is launching the latest version of iPhone series smartphone, iPhone 8 in the mid of September 2017, but it is not sure it will be called as iPhone 8 or iPhone X or something other. Apple is claiming that this latest model will be the revolution in future of the smartphone with more advanced technologies and improved features in it. As we know iPhone 8 is already creating the sensation over the internet, so we have tried to highlight some of the major elements of this new version according to the rumors and news spreading around the internet. Read More

What is Siri? What is the use of Siri?

What is Siri? What is an iPhone Siri? How does Siri work?

Siri is a voice recognizing operating system of Apple Inc, a renowned electronic device manufacturing and software developing company. Siri is an artificial intelligent personal assistant with advanced machine learning technologies which operates in iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems. Siri basically assist the users with voice communication. Siri can be used in different electronic devices of Apple Inc. i.e. Mac alongside macOS Sierra, Apple TV along with  Siri Remote, iPhone’s latest models, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, HomePod. Siri has the female voice command, so many refer Siri as a “she”. Read More

3D TV is Officially Dead

3d tv dead. what is 3d tv. 3d tv manufacturer stop making 3D TV.

Yes you heard it right!!! 3D TV is now officially dead as it is rejected by the market. At the time of launching, after the movie “Avatar” was a big hit, it was quite famous that people got too excited in the new technology in electronic industry and their promotional highlights i.e viewing everything in 3D technology sitting in home through 3D TV and wearing a glass. But later this same thing became the major factor in failure of this technology. Almost all brands of 3D TV manufacturer like TCL, Sharp, Vizio, Sony, LG etc. have now already stopped manufacturing TVs in this technology. Now the industry is adopting new technologies like Smart TV, OLED TV, HDR, UHD/4K, UHD/8K having more consumer demands. Read More

PS3 Meaning: What Is PS3? What PS3 Means?

Define PS3. Meaning PS3. Definition PS3.
What PS3 Means?

If you are looking for what does PS3 mean, the meaning of PS3, the acronym of PS3, the definition of PS3 the abbreviation of PS3, then you are in the right place because here we are going to provide you the PS3 slang meaning, the PS3 definition, the PS3 acronym, the PS3 abbreviation as well as how this acronym PS3 is used over the conversations. Read More