What is CashEast.com? Is CashEast a Scam or a Legit?

CashEast review

CashEast offers to pay money in completing the simple tasks like getting clicks on affiliates’ referral link. For that, the affiliates need to copy paste their referral links on various social medias and other websites. The membership is also free. But, does Cash East really pay? Is CashEast.com scam or legit? Well, let’s find out through our Cash East review as below, for that you don’t have to search any further CashEast reviews.

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What is Cash East and what CashEast.com offers?

CashEast offers to pay $10 to their affiliates for each click on their referral link which they get from social media like Facebook. But why this company is willing to pay so much money if we have the option to advertise the website link in Facebook at $1 for each 25 to 50 clicks? It’s because this site is taking advantage from the affiliates to advertise their website in social media for free.

This way, more people will visit their site and they can earn more money by displaying ads. in their websites. We have already mentioned that people can sign in for free on this website and once they become the member, this website continues to earn from them.

Why is CashEast.com a scam company?

Firstly, CashEast.com is opened hiding their owner’s or operator’s details as well as website’s real address. If you check on their official website or in WHOIS details you will not get any information about the same. So, how do we know that this site is run by whom or from where? And without knowing that, how can we trust that this company will fulfill all the claims it urges to pay?

Secondly, this site doesn’t pay their affiliates anything but only shows that they have paid or are paying a huge amount of money to the affiliates. All the payment claims made by them are just misleading to attract people to their website. When the affiliates reach their prescribed cash-out limit and request for the payment, they will add up more tasks to them in order to get the payment. And to complete such tasks, the affiliates need to pay money at first from their own pocket. Even though they complete the task, they will not get paid a single penny from this company.

Thirdly, this site is always willing to earn money by selling the personal details of their affiliates i.e. their email address, payment processor details, credit card details etc., to the third parties. They ask the information to the affiliates at the time of making payments though they don’t pay, but pretend to be paying, in order to get all the details of their affiliates and make money out of them.

Few more information

Actually, CashEast is opened by the same group of a scammer who has been scamming people for many years with the different similar type of websites. They continue to open new website one after the other with same website details, themes and business model only keeping the website domain name different. If you look at the website, they look exactly same except the domain name. This scammer group always uses five types of website themes for all of their scam websites i.e. the website themes of DollarTell.com or EarlyJobPay.com or PokeLazy.com or DollarJob.Site or DollarinPocket. So, any websites which have similar themes like the above listed have then be sure that such websites are absolutely scam opened and operated by the same group of a scammer.

Some of the scam sites which we found belongs to the same group of scammer are MyPayPot, SuperJobs, MyPayStuff, EarningHabit, DollarsTeller, NightJobOnline, WeeklyFixPay, BucksTip, DollarJobSite, BucksTip, DutyKid, DutySet, WeeklyYouthPay, DollarsPlug, DollarJobOnline, DollarSaw, DollarInPocket, DutySpace, DutyTrend, DollarsJet, PayChair and many more. Many of these sites were already closed after scamming people and many of them are still running. And this series of scamming will continue until people do not bother to find out the truth or any authority willing to take the actions against them.

What is our final verdict?

The easiest target of these types of websites are newbies who are mostly searching for easy money making platforms in short span of time and do not have depth knowledge about online works. So these websites provide them both, the schemes of easy money making ways and shortcut manner to earn money online. And when the affiliates realize that this site is actually deceiving them, they have no way out except to regret on their invested money and time.

What people need to seriously think is that how can these companies sustain in the market for a long run without having any real products or any other genuine source of income to pay to their affiliates? And how can any company pay so much money for such simple tasks? How much they need to earn to offer so much to the people? Are they really on the way to make legit business?

Thus, when you choose any website or a company for your online work, you must make sure that who is running the company or whether this site is paying to people or not? What do people say about the company in the forum or what are the reviews on this site? This basic information can save your time as well as money so that you can go for your long-term sustainable earnings from other online legit companies.

So, now you are clear about what is CashEast through our CashEast.com review. However, if you still want to add or report something about Cash East, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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