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What is BillMoney.Site? Is Bill Money a Scam or a Legit?
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What is Bill Money Site? BillMoney.Site Review. Is BillMoney.Site a Scam?

BillMoney.Site is a series of scam company which is opened and operated by the serial scammer with the intention to deceive people. BillMoney.Site is a paid advertising or viewing advertising site that offers to pay money to their members on viewing their ad units and making referrals on their website through the members’ referral links. However, they don’t pay to anyone at the end.

They claim that the affiliate can earn up to 10 cents for watching commercial advertising and for each ad unit display in other social media like Facebook. They also claim that the affiliates can earn 50% of referrals earning. But, like we have said before, they only claim but don’t pay at all.

So, yes, BillMoney.Site is a scam site.

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Why is Bill Money Site a scam site? What is BillMoney Site for real?

BillMoney.Site is opened without providing the details of their owner or the operator neither in their website nor in the WHOIS detail. However, the information provided in WHOIS match with other similar types of scam sites. In online business industry, none of the legit companies hide their information because they don’t have any fear of being exposed. But if the company is a scam, then they always hide their identity in order to escape from being identified. So there is no doubt that the owner of this company is a scammer and has the pure intention to scam people from this website.

This company claims that the affiliate can earn from $50 to $300 or more just by working 3-5 hours per day. But how can this company pay so much money if they don’t have their own real products to sell and generate revenue? Not only that but this company also does not have any real source of income to generate profit. So without that, which company in the market, either it is an online company or any other company, can distribute their profit to the affiliates? It means they are showing this big picture just to attract more and more people in their site so that they can make huge money from them but not to pay them.

This company also claims that they will credit their affiliates within one hour of receiving the payment request but actually they do not pay anything to anyone even when the affiliates complete all the assigned tasks and reach to the cash-out limit. In reality, when they apply for the payment, this company assign some additional task or ask to upgrade their account by paying money to the company. And even when the affiliates do so, this company stop responding them, making payment is a far away thing. You can find around the internet many affiliates are complaining about the same thing.

Besides, this company also sell the personal information of their affiliates i.e. credit card details, payment processor accounts details, email address etc. to the third parties in order to make money for themselves. They make money by showing ads to the affiliates on their website. They make money by the surveys that are completed by their affiliates and so on. So, this company does not spare the affiliates to make money out of them but never pay those affiliates.


There are so many other similar type of scam sites which are opened with the same business model, same website script and scamming pattern such as, RJMoney.Club,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. Some of these sites were already shut down after deceiving people and some of these are still running with the pure intention to scam people.


The scam site like BillMoney.Site is opened and operated by the same serial scammer group who has been deceiving people through several other similar types of scam sites. They always offer easy money making process to entice people, especially the newbies in the market who do not have much knowledge about the online job and scamming patterns. Thus, considering all the above factors, we have put BillMoney.Site under our “Scams” category and do not recommend you for your online work.

Well, now you are very much clear about BillMoney.Site through our detailed BillMoney review as above. However, if you still want to add your own BillMoney.Site reviews or want to say something about it, then please feel free to use our comment section below.

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