Are Mangoes Healthy? Mango with Calories

Yep, Mangoes are healthy. Mango benefits health.

But, is there any side effects of Mango?

Yep, there is some side effects of Mango, but first of all let’s find out why are Mangoes good for you?

Mangoes are one of the tasty and beneficial fruits available in almost all parts of the globe. Mangos are packed with many vitamins and other nutrition factors. Mangos are full of Vitamin E, C, A, B6 plus other B vitamins which help in boosting immune system or energy provider, acts as antioxidant, helps in visionary problems, help in prevention of heart and brain diseases etc. Mangos have pro-biotic fiber, pectin, potassium, magnesium, copper, plus 25 different kinds of carotenoids etc. which are beneficial to our health. Let’s find out more about health benefit of mango as below.

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Some of the Health Benefits of Mangos are:

  1. Helps in Sex: Mangos helps in sex drive with presence of Vitamin E in them.

  2. Immunity Booster: Mangos are high source of energy and a decent immune system booster being reach in Vitamins, fibre and carotenoids.

  3. Helps in getting healthy skin: Mangos are considered to be very beneficial for pimples and clogged pores in the skin.

  4. Helps in weight loss: Due to high content of fibre, Mangos helps to loss weight. Mango peels are even more effective for this aid.

  5. Helps to improve eye health: Mangos are rich in Vitamin A which helps in improving the eye sight as well as prevents dry eyes problems and night blindness.

  6. Helps in digestion: Mangos are very helpful in improving the digestion due to high fibre nature.

  7. Helps in lowering the cholesterol level: Mangos are rich in fibre, Vitamin C which helps to lower the serum cholesterol level.

  8. Helps in diabetic problems: Mangos’ leaves are anciently considered to medicine for keeping the normal insulin levels found in blood.

  9. Helps to alkalize the body: Mangos help to maintain the alkali reserve of the body due to its acidic nature i.e. presence of malic, citric and tartaric acids.

  10. Helps in detoxifying the body: Mangos specially green ones, are very useful in detoxifying the body as well as to prevent the heat strokes.

  11. Helps in prevention of Cancer: Due to being antioxidant in nature, mangos are helpful in prevention of various types of cancer in human body

  12. Helps in Heart diseases: Mangos are rich in antioxidant compounds, beta carotene which helps in prevention of heart diseases.

  13. Helps to improve brain health: Mangos helps in getting healthy brain as well as improves the memory.

  14. Helps in Kidney stones: Mangos are helpful in prevention of kidney stones due to the potassium and vitamin B6 found in them which may reduce the urinary oxalate stones.

  15. Helps in thyroids: Mangos are helpful in keeping the thyroid gland functioning optimally.

So, how much calories Mango has?

One large sized Mango (Raw) contains 100 calories.

Are Mangoes bad for health? Is there any side effects of Mango?

If someone has latex allergic, Mangoes may not be suitable for them due to anacardic acid found in them.

Mangoes can cause an allergic skin rash on contact to some people who are more prone to contact dermatitis.

Mangoes are also bad for health if you eat more than need. Two to three mangoes per day is considered to be good, but overeating can lead lots of effect in health such as, you can have diarrhea due to the excessive amount of fiber by intaking lots of mangoes in a day, your blood sugar level can increase by overeating mangoes which are rich in sugar and you can definitely gain more weight by overeating mangoes since they are rich in sugar.

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