Are Green Apples Healthy? Green Apples Health Benefits

Green apples are packed with lots of nutrition factors like proteins, minerals, fibre and vitamins which have multiple health benefits. They contain Calcium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Fibres, Vitamins (A, B-6, C, E 1), Niacin, Thiamin, Pantothenic, Tartaric and Maleic acids, riboflavin, healthy sugars, proteins which makes them one of the healthiest fruits of all time. Green apples are basically used for cooking purpose and have sour and sweet taste. But it can be consumed in both way raw and cooked.

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Some of the superb health benefits of green apple are:

Keep Skin healthy:

Green apples which are rich in multiple vitamins and anti-oxidants are considered to be very effective for our healthy skin as it helps to keep our skin fresh, clean and glowing providing white texture to your skin and nourishes the skin. They also help in prevention of skin cancer and other type of skin diseases. Everyday consumption can help to prevent Alzheimer also. They possess anti-aging components as well. They are very helpful in acne also.

Keep teeth and gums healthy:

Green apples are very beneficial to keep our teeth and gums healthy as they help to keep our teeth and gums clean and fresh.

Help in bones strengthening:

Due to being rich in calcium, green apples help in strengthening the bones.

Help in digestion:

The enzymes packed in Green apples help to ease the digestion problems, diarrhea or even constipation.

Help to prevent liver diseases:

It also prevents the liver diseases and help to minimize the risk of indigestion by keeping digestive track system healthy. Their detoxifying capacity is very high with lots of anti-oxidants which prevent the liver from harm.

Help to control or cure rheumatism:

Their anti-oxidant nature help to control inflammation in our body which prevent or even cure our body from rheumatism and arthritis.

Help to prevent cancer:

Green apples are anti-oxidants in nature which help in prevention of cancer and DNA damage. They are very effective in reducing risk of colon cancer.

Help in lowering cholesterol level:

Since green apples are high source of fibre, they helps to lower the cholesterol level.

Help in weight reduction:

Green apples are rich in fibre and low in fat, sugar and sodium, also do not contain any bad cholesterol which is very beneficial in weight lose. They help to keep control in our appetite as well as boost the metabolic rate as its oxygen absorption rate is high.

Help in lower heart diseases and stroke:

Green apples help to maintain proper blood circulation in the blood vessels preventing heart diseases and stroke.

Help in prevention of asthma:

Green apple juice can help in prevention of asthma.

Besides the above mentioned health benefits, green apples also help to increase our memory, prevent gallstones, blood purification, hair growth, prevents hair loss problems, dandruff, eliminate dark circle under the eyes, etc. So we believe in the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

How many calories does green apple have?

Around 3.5 oz of green apple has 52 calories including the skin of apple. But, if we take out the skin and only consume inner part of 3.5-oz. green apple, then that has 48 calories. (Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture)

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